AdvancedBungeeAnnouncer 0.3.1-SNAPSHOT

An advanced announcer plugin for BungeeCord

  1. Fix for new BungeeCord versions

    This fixes compatibility for new versions of BungeeCord.
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  2. AdvancedBungeeAnnouncer 0.3

    • Assorted bug fixes.
    • Added boss bar display.
    • Added multiple JSON text component support.
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  3. AdvancedBungeeAnnouncer 0.2

    It's been approximately 10 months without an update for this plugin, but since I've got a backlog of features added now, I'm going to release 0.2 now.
    • New "flattened" announcement configuration format. The plugin will convert pre-existing configuration files, but might choke on some. If you experience an issue, send me your announcements.yml and I can manually convert it for you.
    • Action bar messages can now stay for a longer period of time.
    • Added title display.
    • Various bug...
  4. AdvancedBungeeAnnouncer 0.1.4

    • Announcement sending is now more reliable.
    • New action bar announcement sending option.
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  5. AdvancedBungeeAnnouncer 0.1.3

    I had to recreate the release, sorry!
    • Announcements now support JSON.
    • Users may now ignore announcements through permissions. advancedbungeeannouncer.ignore suppresses announcements globally, and advancedbungeeannouncer.ignore.server.<server> suppresses them for a server.
  6. Interim release

    This fixes formatting codes in prefixes.
  7. AdvancedBungeeAnnouncer 0.1.2

    The resources section is currently brain-damaged. This should fix the issue once and for all.
  8. Fix delay, once more

    I have no clue why this is not working, so let's give this another go.
  9. Fixes delay

  10. Quick update

    This fixes /announcer reload not removing old announcements.