AdvancedChatManagerPlus 2.0

Very Powerfull ChatManager!

  1. OfirTIM
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    for who of you Reuqested an Update:
    thanks for using my plugin, and thanks for looking at my plugin like something worth! i would like to update from now for free time! if you need anymore help go to my support Page (go down the Page)


    What is it does?
    well basically its is an ChatManager that help you Manage your chat, help you doing very cool stuff to your chat, make your chat more supportable, and more featured stuff in the future!

    Is there any big things?
    well nice that you asking this question :D Of Course there are!
    we have more stuff that help's you out on the chat like GlobalMutting, Managing the chat format, changing the join, Quit, first join, and kill server messages, you have broadcast that you can aucally broadcast in the chat and change the look of his format too, you can acually change any format of the things! just use the Config.yml for it! Opss... i almost forgot... you have PunishChatManager aswell! and more alot of stuff in it!

    at the start i was'nt even thinking there soo much stuff to do on AdvancedChatManager... but when i seen there already stuff like it... i was thinking about making my version... but abit more... big. but lets talk about what is it doing!
    soo basically its show's what his name says! its swearmode! its stopping peoples from being rude at the chat a swearing like crazy peoples! soo i built it with a list in the config.yml soo you can acually change or add or remove any word from there!!!

    /mute <Player> <Reason> - Mutting or unmutting the player you targeting on.
    /swearmode <on/off> - turning on/off the swearmode.
    /globalmute <on/off> - turning on/off the globalmute on the server.
    /broadcast <message> - broadcasting a message.
    /msg <player> <message> - sending message to another player.
    /shout <message> - sending broadcast message even if server has radius for the chat.

    The Main Commands
    /AdvancedChatManagerPlus - the Main command for the plugin
    /AdvancedChatManagerPlus credits - full credits about who made the plugin, who helped on the plugin, and who did little stuff :p
    /AdvancedChatManagerPlus features - full list of TODO list that i need to do :/
    /AdvancedChatManagerPlus reload - reloading the plugin (in short words, just reload the config.yml).

    (give you bypass to turn it off/on and bypass the globalmute.)

    (bypass to turn the swearmode off/on and bypass the swearmode.)

    (allow you to reload the plugin.)

    (allow you to use the shout command with color codes.)

    (allow you to mute/unmute players.)

    (allow you to use the message command)

    (allow you to broadcast [WITH COLOR CODES!!!!!].)

    The Config.yml
    Code (Text):
        Prefix: '&0[&1Adv&6ChatManager&ePlus&0]'
        No Permission Message: '&4You dont have permission for this command!'
        Chat Format: '&f<Player>&a: &r<Message>'
        Format: '&3[&6Shout&3] &f<Player>&a: &f<Message>'
        Format: '&4[&6Broadcast&4] &f<Message>'
      Global Mute:
        cant talk message: '&4The globalmute is currently working! you can''t talk until
          an admin will turn it off!'
        turn off message: '&6&lthe chat is now free to talk!'
        turn on message: '&6&lthe chat is now locked!'
      Swear Mode:
        not allowed words:
        - homo
        - bitch
        - gay
        dont swear message: '&6&ldo not swear at the chat!'
      Chat Punisher:
        unmute Message: '&6&lYou have unmutted <Player>!'
        unmute Message (The Target): '&6&lYou have been unmutted by <Mutter>!'
        mute Message: '&4&lYou have Mutted &6<Player> &4&lfor the reason: &f<Reason>'
        mute Message (The Target): '&4&lYou have been mutted by &6<Mutter> &4&lfor the
          reason: &f<Reason>!'
      Custom Messages:
        Join Message: '&e<Player> Joined the game!'
        Quit Message: '&e<Player> Left the game!'
        First Join Message: '&a<Player> Has joined for the first time!'
        player Death Message: '&a<Dead> &5have have killed by &3<Killer>!'
      Command Blocker:
        not allowed commands:
        - plugins
        - pl
        - about
        - version
        blocked command messages: '&4&lyou not allowed to do that!!'

    ▪ if you feel like you need to talk with me about something you can contact me at my Email/At here!
    ▪ feel free to send me Idea's at here or at my Email or at
    my support page!

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Recent Reviews

  1. TrinityDEV
    Version: 1.5 Fixed
    Just like all those tons of chatmanagers, nothing unique, so in my opinion its not worth to be released, because there are already a million plugins that do the exact same thing as this one..
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      i know but i am making soon more Update... if i will get one more Opinion i will release new verison..
  2. erenbulbul
    Version: 1.1
    Thank you :) good plugin.
  3. xByluca
    Version: 1.0 First Release
    Nice Plugin:D
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      Thanks you :D