AdvancedCraftingTable | [1.8-1.15] 0.3.1

Create advanced 4x4 Crafting table's with custom recipes

  1. [Added] Open Command

    Added an new Command that allows you to skip the <Player> Field.

    /advancedcraftingtable open -> Will open the Table for yourself.

    /advancedcraftingtable open <Player> will still exist.​
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  2. [Updated] MC 1.15

    Added Spigot 1.15 Support

    Unbreakable Items are now only possible for Spigot 1.10 - Spigot 1.15+ !
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  3. [Fixed] WorldGuard Issues

    Fixed an Issue that WorldGuard Detection didn't work well​
  4. [Fixed] Command - Editor

    Fixed an Issue that the Path's for the new Command Section hasn't been generated for Editor Recipe's​
  5. [Fixed] Inventory Issues & Added Command Results

    Fixed Click Issues at the InGame Editor.

    Added an new Result Command Method. You can now instead of an Item perform an Command that should be executed to get unique Items like with my SimpleBackPack Plugin.

    This will allow you to create more than just Item Recipe's.

    For Example you can now give Player's Money or similar things that are performable with a Command :)

    Valid Placeholders: %player% -> Will...​
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  6. [Changed] KeepItems


    Changed the KeepItems Option
    The Option is now for each Table and no longer available for multi table's.​
  7. [Added] KeepItems Option

    Added an Configurable Config.yml Option called "KeepItems"
    Enabling the Value will allow your players to keep the items in the crafting table until they leave / get kicked.
    This Option is CraftingTable wide implemented, so opening a different Crafting Table will show you the same items like before, Leaving / Kicking / Reloading the Server will drop the items directly to the player's location, so they don't have to find them in the wide world first.​
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  8. [Added] Checks

    Added 2 Configurable Checks

    You can now disable the Item Meta & NBT Checks at the CraftingRecipe File.

    By Default ( false )

    ItemMetaCheckDisabled: false

    NBTCheckDisabled: false
  9. [Updated] MC 1.14 & Added BeautyOption

    Updated the Resource to Support Spigot 1.14

    Added an new BeautyOption ( Disabled by Default )

    This will add some new ArmorStands to the Table so it looks like a 4x4 field instead of the normal 3x3 crafting field, so you can see the difference between normal crafting table's and advanced crafting tables.

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  10. [Fixed] Configuration

    Fixed an Issue with the Configuration startup​