AdvancedDropParty 1.0

Ever wanted to start a drop party on your server? Now you can with everything configurable.

  1. xCoderTV
    xCoderTV, veksteak

    Ever wanted to start a drop party on your server with the messages and everything configurable? With AdvancedDropParty you can. You can configure everything such as the messages, items and other cool stuff. With AdvancedDropParty there is a clickable gui so you don't have to mess with start and stop commands.

    • Clickable GUI
    • Configurable messages, items and other stuff
    • Unlimited items
    • No extra plugins required, just this JAR file!
    • /event : AdvancedDropParty.admin

    1. Open the AdvancedDropParty/config.yml file and edit the config to what you would like.
    2. Give yourself the permission AdvancedDropParty.admin or be a operator.
    3. Do /event and you're ready to go!

    Coming soon. :=)