AdvancedFreeze 2015-03-29

An advanced freeze plugin

  1. alex3413

    AdvancedFreeze is a simple plugin that is used to punish a player for doing something wrong. A freeze plugin is a plugin that disables all movement from that player that is targeted by the person preforming the command. Everytime the player attempts to move it sends them the message "You are frozen"

    ====== Description ======

    This plugin allows admin to show who's boss and freeze a specified player that they entered!

    ====== Commands ======

    • /freeze (player) - Freezes or unfreezes a targeted player and sends them the message "You have been frozen"
    ====== Permissions ======

    • player.freeze (Default = OP) - Allows players to freeze players!
    ====== Future plans ======

    • Changeable name
    • Players can't do commands while frozen
    • More customization
    ====== Known bugs ======

    Currently there are no known bugs!

    ====== Contact me ======

    You can email on here: [email protected]

    You can add me on skype here: alex.martin328

    ====== Servers with this plugin ======

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Recent Reviews

  1. StarMider
    Version: 2015-03-29
    You can't publish a plugin, which doesen't work! I tried it a few times, but I had no chance...
  2. shawn_ian
    Version: 2015-03-29
    Copying a code from youtube and plublish it as yours is no style. And for servers using essentials (like the most do) you can type in /speed 0.