AdvancedGift 1.10.5

Giving gifts just got more advanced... and easier!

  1. TrekkieEnderman
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Note: English is not my native language. Apologies for any grammatical errors and confusion found in the post below. Feel free to ask questions in discussion page.

    v1.10 now supports 1.8.x server version!
    Will be updated for bug fixes and new MC versions, but no new features will be added for time being!!
    Giving gifts just got more advanced... and easier!

    About AdvancedGift:
    Tired of having to send a tp request to a player to give them a gift? Don't want to risk falling into a death trap when tping to a player? Just want an easy way to send gifts? But gift plugins you've found are either outdated or don't have the features you're looking for?

    Well, look no further! AdvancedGift is the one for you!
    AdvancedGift is lightweight, and has features that are missing in many other gift plugins! It will be kept up to date with server versions and new features!

    Send gifts over long distance! No tp requests needed!
    Players can send the item in their hand, or any amount they want, as long as they have that much!
    Players can send their own messages along with their gifts!
    Players can toggle their ability to receive gifts!
    Players can block specific players from sending them gifts!
    Ability for staff to spy on gift exchanges!
    Option to add gift cooldown!
    Options to censor messages!
    Option to restrict gifts between groups of worlds!
    Most gift activities are logged in the console!
    Almost entirely configurable!

    Can easily reload configuration without the need to restart the server!
    More to come!

    My goal for this plugin is to make it an easy-to-use gift plugin that fits everyone's needs. If it doesn't have a feature you want, or you're not satisfied with the current features it has, then you can make a suggestion either in the discussion, or in a private message with me! (Be sure to check "Future New Features?" below to see if I'm planning on adding or fixing features you want before you post a suggestion!)

    Tutorial/Showcase Videos:
    If you have created a video about AdvancedGift, I would be happy to add it here! Just send me a private message with the link to your tutorial!
    My demo (1.9.5)

    1.10 update showcase

    NOTE: It's important that you read and follow directions carefully.
    1. Download latest version of AdvancedGift.
      • Note: If you also use ArtMap plugin on your server, ensure it is up-to-date! Part of the code AdvancedGift looks for in ArtMap is not presented in some old versions!
    2. If your server is on 1.13 or above: Skip this step.
      OPTIONAL for 1.12 or below: Download Language Utils.
      • NOTE: The main download link is for version 1.12. If you're using 1.11 or below, then read the post to find a correct download link for your version.
    3. Put the file(s) you downloaded in the "plugins" folder.
    4. Start up the server, or restart if it is already running.
      • A new folder called "AdvancedGift" would be created.
        • If you added Language Utils, a folder called "LangUtils" will appear as well. Ignore that.
    5. Inside "AdvancedGift" folder, there should be two files, one named "config.yml" and other "playerinfo.json". Open the config file, and edit it to your like. Watch the videos above or read "Configuration" below if you're not sure what some of the options do.
      NOTE: Do not edit playerinfo file. It MAY cause problems when the plugin tries to load/read it.
    6. Save the config after you're done.
    7. Type "agr" without quotation marks in console and hit Enter. Or if you're on the server, do /agr. (Note: For latter, you need either be an OP or have the permission "advancedgift.reload" to be able to use this command.)
      Do NOT use /reload to reload the plugins. It can break the plugins or cause problems later on.
    8. Give the players appropriate permissions. Check "Permissions" below for a list of permission available.
    9. You're done!
    This is what you will see in AdvancedGift's config as of version 1.10.2.
    Code (YAML):
    prefix: '&6[AdvancedGift]'
    # Change the prefix used when the plugin communicate with the players. Color codes supported.
    # A space is added automatically after the prefix, so no need to add it here.

    : false
    # Change to 'true' to add a cooldown to /gift.
    # The cooldown only applies when the player has successfully sent a gift.

    : 10
    # The duration of cooldown in SECONDS. Time between 5 seconds to 60 seconds is recommended.
    # If you made the cooldown last longer than a minute, you're a monster.
    # 0 seconds is pointless. Just set "enable-cooldown" to false.

    : true
    # Whether the gift message feature should be enabled.
    # If true, the players will be able to send a message along with their gifts.
    # If false, the plugin will make no indication that the message feature even exists.

    : false
    # If true, the plugin will check the messages added to the gifts for any blocked words, and censor any found.
    # If false, the plugin will send the gifts with the messages unaltered.
    # The plugin will read from "word-filter" below for a list of blocked words.
    # Any characters that are not alphanumeric will be ignored during the check.

    : BLOCK
    # Decide how the plugin should deal with messages containing blocked words.
    # WITH: The plugin will send the censored message along with the gift.
    # WITHOUT: The plugin will remove the message, and send the gift alone.
    # BLOCK: The plugin will prevent the player from sending the gift.

    # List of blocked words.
    # Wildcards supported. See below for more details.
      - fuck*
      - shit*
      - ass
      - dumbass
      - bitch
      - bastard

    : false
    # Set this to true to restrict gift exchanges between worlds or groups of worlds.

    # Gift exchanges will not go between worlds not in the same group as set below.
    # Any world not listed will be considered as being blacklisted, and all gift activities will be blocked in these worlds.
      - test1
      - 'test2, test3'
      - 'world, world_nether, world_the_end'

    For word filter list, wildcards (*) will affect how the plugin read and compare the blocked words with the gift messages.
    • +If wildcards are added to both ends of the blocked word (ex. *blah*), the plugin will check if the words from the message contain the blocked word anywhere within them, and censor them accordingly.
      • Example:
        Blocked word: *fuck*
        Message: "It's such a mind-fuckery."
        Censored Message: "It's such a ***"
    • +If a wildcard is added only to the beginning of the blocked word (ex. *blah), the plugin will check if the words from the message end with the blocked word, and censor them accordingly.
      • Example:
        Blocked word: *ass
        Message: "You're a dumbass."
        Censored Message: "You're a ***"
    • Similar idea applies to a wildcard placed at the end of the blocked words, except this time the beginning of the words will be checked for the blocked word.
      • Example:
        Blocked word: shit*
        Message: "Here's a shitty gift for you."
        Censored Message: "Here's a *** gift for you."
    • Blocked words without wildcards mean the words from the message will censored only if they match any of these blocked words EXACTLY.
      • Example:
        Blocked word: bitch
        Message: "All you do is bitching about everything. Just stop being such a bitch."
        Censored Message: "All you do is bitching about everything. Just stop being such a ***"
    +NOTE: If you place a wildcard at the beginning of the word, you will need to surround the entire word in quotation mark - 'like this'. Otherwise the server won't load it properly.
    /gift [player] <amount | hand | all> <message>
    Aliases: sendgift, giftsend
    What it does: Send the target defined in first argument a gift, plus a message if included. The target must be online.
    Second argument is an amount of the item to send, and is optional. "Hand" will send only the item in the hand. "All" will send all items in the inventory that match the item in the hand. "Amount" is an exact amount. It must be an integer above zero.
    The rest of the arguments is for a message to send with the gift.
    Aliases: gifttoggle, tg, gt
    What it does: Affect your ability to receive gifts. Supports "on/off" and "enable/disable". "On" and "enable" will enable your ability and allow everyone to send you gifts while it is enabled. "Off" and "disable" will disable your ability and prevent everyone from send you gifts while it is disabled.
    Aliases: blockgift, gblock
    What it does: Lets you block specific players from sending you gifts.
    Aliases: unblockgift, gunblock, ungblock
    What it does: Unblock specific players, letting them send you gifts.
    Aliases: gblocklist, gblist
    What it does: Lists players you have blocked gifts from. Adding "clear" after the command will clear the block list.
    Alias: gspy
    What it does: Lets you spy on the gift exchanges to catch the inappropriate gifts and/or gift messages that got around the filter. Supports "on/off" and "enable/disable".
    Alias: agr
    What it does: Reload AdvancedGift's config.

    Permissions: Allow players to send gifts. Will fail if target doesn't have permission to receive gifts. Allow players to receive gifts. Allow players to send messages along with their gifts. Allow players to spy on the gift exchanges.
    advancedgift.bypass.cooldown: Allow players to ignore the /gift cooldown. Allow players to bypass the interworld gift restriction and send gifts between groups of worlds. Allow players to send gifts regardless of whether either they or their targets are in a blacklisted world.
    advancedgift.bypass.vanish: Allow players to send gifts to vanished players.
    advancedgift.reload: Allow players to reload AdvancedGift's config.

    Future new features? Following are some ideas that may will be implemented in future updates.
    Configurable plugin messages - Allow AdvancedGift to be used in different language and color scheme preferred.
    Bundle gifts - Like regular /gift, but it is not limited to only one type of item.
    Offline gifts - Allow sending gifts to offline players. (May be difficult to implement with gift message feature.)
    Configurable gift alert (sound and particles) - Play a sound and/or spawn particles when a player receive a gift.
    Item blacklist - A list of items that is not allowed to be sent.
    Gift received counter - Keep track of how many gifts you have received, possibly with some kind of reward system for each milestone reached.

    Like the plugin? Great! Please consider leaving a review :)

    Have a suggestion for AdvancedGift (new feature, idea, improvement)? Have a question about the plugin? Post them in the discussion or in a private message to me (@TrekkieEnderman)! (Please don't post them in the reviews, as it's impossible to make a conversation there. Discussion and private messages are better for that.)

    Found a bug? Send me a private message via Spigot (@TrekkieEnderman) or post in the discussion page.
    Provide as much as information as possible, including the following:

    • Type of error you're getting, including a server log of the error if any (paste the error log on and link it in the message)
    • Server version
    • Steps to replicate the error
    • (Optional) Screenshots or videos of the error
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