AdvancedGift 1.10.5

Giving gifts just got more advanced... and easier!

  1. 1.10.5 - Minecraft 1.16.1 Update

    Added full support for Minecraft version 1.16.1.

    There are no other changes to be noted.
  2. 1.10.4 - ArtMap fix

    Updating is optional. This only fixes an issue that appear on servers that has ArtMap presented. If ArtMap's force-artkit option is enabled, it causes any gifts the player received while painting to disappear when the player dismount from the easel, and creates an exploit where the players are able to give the artkit to the others.

    • Fixed an ArtMap issue
      • If ArtMap's force-artkit option is enabled, AdvancedGift will check if the player is working...
  3. 1.10.3 - Minecraft 1.15 Update

    Updating is optional. But if you want to be able to use all the available features on Minecraft 1.15, then you need to update.

    • Now has full support for Minecraft 1.15
    • Exact name no longer required to send a gift -- incomplete name is accepted.
      • You don't have to put in "TrekkieEndermom" anymore. "Trek" would be sufficient now.
    • Code clean-up
      • I've tested the plugin after the clean up to make sure nothing...
  4. 1.10.2 - Bug fix

    If your server starts to hang on restart, AdvancedGift is likely the culprit. Please update AdvancedGift to version 1.10.2 and delete playerinfo.json.

    • Fixed a bug where playerinfo.json is loaded and saved incorrectly, causing its exponential increase in size with each restart.
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  5. 1.10.1 - Serious bug fix, and support for vanish plugins

    This is a urgent update. It fixed a serious bug that I have somehow not noticed since the very first release.


    • Fixed a bug with duplicating item when you put a negative amount in /gift.
    • For servers that use a vanish plugin, regular players won't be able to send gifts to vanished players without a special permission - "advancedgift.bypass.vanish"
      • This should work with most vanish plugins,...
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  6. 1.10 - 1.8.x version support, interworld gift restriction, and more!

    Latest version of AdvancedGift is now 1.10.
    Supports from 1.8 to 1.14.1 (latest spigot version at the time of this writing)​

    I'd like to note that even though this update now supports 1.8.x, future updates may not, depending on how easy it is to make the new features compatible with that version. Same goes for any other versions.

    A lot has changed in this update, including the files the plugin uses. If you have used...
  7. 1.9.6a - Bug Fixes (URGENT UPDATE)

    If you're using 1.9.6 version of AdvancedGift,

    1.9.6a update fixes two bugs I've found so far, one of them serious.
    • In 1.9.6 version (at least I believe it appeared in that version) I accidentally introduced a serious bug where most of the checks are bypassed when you use /gift (player name), and only now do I notice it. I'm very terribly...
  8. Updated for 1.13 with no dependency

    So very sorry for no updates in over a year! College has been very rough. :(

    The latest version of AdvancedGift is 1.9.6.
    - Works with 1.9 to 1.13 Minecraft versions.

    • Updated for 1.13: AdvancedGift now will work with 1.13 as well as 1.12 and older versions.
    • No dependency: AdvancedGift no longer needs Language Utils in order to run, as it will use its built-in material list.
      • ...