AdvancedJoin 1.0

Throw a party or welcome new players when they join!

  1. Devyn02
    TheRocknBrian (Tester)

    Ever wanted to throw a party when a new player joins or celebrate? Well now you have it! This plugin senses when a new player joins and rewards them for coming with a welcome! This plugin does though however use TitleManager to work on. This plugin is not required but it is a huge part of the plugin. When you get TitleManager please use the latest version or it will not work. This plugin is for use with spigot or craftbukkit 1.8 or higher. Any lower, even the hack build, will not work with TitleManager's actionbar and title texts, making the plugin sort of useless. Also please note that when you have TitleManager and this plugin on your server, you are not done. You must specify in TitleManager's config file to disable the use of the join title messages. The plugin cannot work with this on or it will just display that message. Now, TitleManager is a soft dependancy which means that it does not have to be on the server for this plugin to work, however it is very recommended. Without it, it would just send chat messages welcoming players. Click here to download the required version of TitleManager.


    • Configuration File - Update 1.1
    • Particle Effects - Update 1.2

    If there are any bugs or problems with this plugin please PM me or leave a comment on this plugin.