AdvancedLicense 1.6

The simplest way for developers to license their plugins

  1. Leoko

    AdvancedLicense is a extremly efficiant licensing-system with an easy to use webinterface for creating, managing and deleting licenses and a simple and powerfull API for an easy integration of our system into your plugin.
    So if anyone wants to test your plugin befor paying you no longer need to be worried about not getting payed. Trust, but verify!

    Please note that his resource originally should be a premium resource but it has not meet the guidelines so I decided to publish it for free.
    So any donations are welcome ^^ just PM me or contact me on Skype (Leoko33) for my PayPal address

    Also note that you are not allowed to upload licensed plugins to Spigot.

    ✔ Easily manage your licenses trough our webpanel
    ✔ Cryptographic key authentication protection system
    ✔ Fast integration of your API into your plugin
    ✔ Limitation of IPs per license
    ✔ md5 encrypted login system for the webpanel
    ✔ Plugin bound licenses
    ✔ Expiration date for licenses
    ✔ Automatic solution proposals eg:
    ✔ Live stats about your licenses
    ... much more just check out our live preview ...

    You will need the following things in order to use AdvancedLicense:
    1. A WebServer that supports PHP
    2. A MySQL-Server
    Both things are available for free at

    A fully working live version of the webpanel can be found here.
    Username: access_spigot
    Password: spigot123

    This webpanel was coded with passion to high efficiency and modern web design. We have used various APIs to boost the websides performance and usability.
    We used:
    - Bootstrap framework
    - FontAwsome css toolkit
    - ChartJS libary
    - AngularJS libary

    The setup is really simple and most of the processes are done automatically by AdvancedLicense.

    How to setup the WebPanel [Need to be done first]:
    1. Download this resource ^^
    2. Copy and paste all the files from the folder "webpanel" into your web server
    3. Fill out the MySQL-Data and the Admin-Login in the config.php
    4. Open the WebPanel in your browser and follow the displayed steps
    5. You are done and can start managing your licenses

    How to integrate our API:
    1. Paste the into your Java-Project
    2. Go into the onEnable part and use one of the ways of integrating our API

    Ways of intergarting our API:

    Code (Text):
    if(!new AdvancedLicense("YourLicense", "", this).register()) return;
    More advanced:
    Code (Text):
    if(!new AdvancedLicense("YourLicense", "", this).setConsoleLog(LogType.NONE).register()) return;

    NONE - No output in the console (undercover)
    LOW - Brief information
    NORMAL - Good structured information [Default]
    More secure:
    Code (Text):
    if(!new AdvancedLicense("YourLicense", "", this).setSecurityKey("YOUR_OWN_SECURITY_KEY").register()) return;
    If your enter your own Security Key you have to enter the same key in the config.php file on your WebServer

    Code (Text):
    if(!new AdvancedLicense("YourLicense", "", this).debug().register()) return;
    This will:
    1. Give you the URL that is requested.
    2. Give you the exact error message if there is an "URL_ERROR"

    For advanced Developers:
    Code (Text):
    ValidationType vt = new AdvancedLicense("YourLicense", "", this).isValid();

    if(vt == ???){
        //your code
    }else if(vt == ??? || vt == ???){
        //your code
    } else{
        //your code

    Code (Text):

    #  _______ ______  _    _ _______ __   _ _______ _______ ______              _____ _______ _______ __   _ _______ _______  #
    #  |_____| |     \  \  /  |_____| | \  | |       |______ |     \      |        |   |       |______ | \  | |______ |______  #
    #  |     | |_____/   \/   |     | |  \_| |_____  |______ |_____/      |_____ __|__ |_____  |______ |  \_| ______| |______  #
    #  Coded by Leoko                                                                                                          #

    //             MySQL-Data                     //
    //                                               //
        define("DB_NAME", "Licenses");

        //MySQL- Server-IP/Domanin
        define("HOST", "localhost");

      define("USERNAME", "YOUR-USERNME");
        define("PASSWORD", "YOUR-PASSWORD");

    //                                            //

    //             Security                       //
    //                                               //
        // This key will be used for the
        // cryptographic-key-authentication-protection
      // Required lenght: 36 [only 1 & 0]
        define("CKAP_KEY", "YecoF0I6M05thxLeokoHuW8iUhTdIUInjkfF");
      // If you change this key you will also
      // need to change it in the java component
      // by .setSecurityKey('Your-Key');

    //                                            //

    //             Stats                          //
    //                                               //
        // Whether license-requests will be logged
        // and displayed in the dashboard
        define("STATS", true);
      // You can disable this to avoid error-messages
        // if PHP does not has enought permissions
        // or to boost the performance [just a few milliseconds]

    //                                            //

    //             Admin-Account                  //
    //                                               //
        // You will need this data to login
        define("ADMIN_USERNAME", "");
        define("ADMIN_PASSWORD", "");
      // To add more accs insert them into
        // the 'users' table on the MySQL-Server

    //                                            //

    //                Indexing                    //
    //                                               //
        // Do not change this unless you
        // really know what are you doing!
        // Block search engines from indexing?
        define("NOINDEX", true);

        // Block search engines from
        // following the links?
        define("NOFOLLOW", false);

    //                                            //

    // no ending tag to avoid accidental output

    If you find any bugs of have any questions feel free to contact me.
    Ways of getting support:
    - Discuss area on Spigot
    - Skype: Leoko33
    - PM on Spigot
    - Mail: [email protected]
    - TS³:
    Please note that the higher options are better and faster ;)

    English tutorial for integrating our API by @HTML

    Thanks for the tutorial <3

    If you find any bugs please try to contact us befor making a bad review ^^
    If you like AdvancedLicense please give us a 5/5 rating to show us support
    Also I'd like to thank @FusionStyleFX for suggesting this idear

    Kind regards
    ~ Leoko :3

Recent Reviews

  1. ErikV
    Version: 1.6
    The resource is great and all...but it has some big security issues...the passwords in the database are not encrypted and the master user password just sits in the config.php file even after installation...please fix these security issues as some people do not look at every detail in web applications potentially exposing their passwords to whoever.
    1. Leoko
      Author's Response
      Where is the problem that you can define an Admin user in the config.php? As there is no default value for the admin account and the config.php can not be read by anyone with out access to the server there is no security problem here. Also, in general, the login-system of the backend of a licensing system for Minecraft plugins does not require an extremely high standard of security. Furthermore, it is not that much a problem that the passwords are not encrypted in the database as if anyone gains access to your database he can add many licenses as he wants anyway.

      At the point where security is really needed which is requesting the server from the plugin for a license-key, there is an extremely secure cryptographic key authentication protection system which won't allow any bypasses if you have done the setup correctly.

      If you feel like I'm missing something please send me a PM otherwise I'd appreciate it very much if you would be willing to change your rating :)
  2. nxtSimon
    Version: 1.6
    In my opinion this is the best License Plugin / API you can have.
    The Webpanel Design is awsome and easy to use.
  3. ReahLy
    Version: 1.6
    nice license

    Version: 1.6
    Very cool for my private plugins :D
    Ez to use and easy to configurate.
    also md5 isn't very strong or safe could you change it to SHA256?
  5. Gcunha
    Version: 1.5
    Great resource, thank you for making this free. I aprecciate your eforts. ======
  6. MarcoxDev
    Version: 1.5
    Very good API/Interface.
    Simple and functional. Love it. I'll use in all my plugins.
  7. byPvPJunkie
    Version: 1.5
    Very nice Thank you !
    - 100stars, i can sell my Plugin now :D Thanks brooo!
  8. hhsskk_story
    Version: 1.5
    this is a very useful system, think you for open source.
    five star :)
    we hope you team can keep doing~
  9. SpaicyGaming
    Version: 1.5
    Very usefull Api and easy web interface.

    I'll use it in all my plugins!
    Well done!
  10. lurionhk
    Version: 1.5
    This is a best license system for developers, and its 100% free!

    1000 stars, I use in all my plugins xD!!