AdvancedMining 1.1.0

Add advanced features to your players, when they are mining in caves

  1. Minor update: v1.1.0

    HOX! Please delete AdvancedMining directory from your plugins directory, to let the plugin regenerate new config.yml. You can backup your old config to make it easier to reapply your own edits to the new config

    NEW feature:
    Never breaking tools!
    • Players tools no longer break, and they just stop working once there is only 1 point of durability left.
    Small bug fixes
    • Breaking blocks with creative game mode, no longer triggers anything...
  2. Small fix: 1.0.1

    • Fixed chance on infested ores and extra drop.
    • Added plugin reload command /am reload
      • Requires advancedmining.admin permission
    • Update checker added