AdvancedPlayerBlock 1.0

Enable & Disable special uses from a player,inculde perms and config!

  1. PeterXonwiiXx
    What it does?
    - It will Enable & Disable uses from a player.

    How to install?
    - download AdvancedPlayerBlock.jar and put it as plugin in your server,restart and it will create a Config.yml.

    - advanced.nodrop
    - advanced.nopickup
    - advanced.noplace
    - advanced.nobreak
    if player does NOT have permissions then Event will be DISABLED.
    OP will Automatic override permission..

    - Config includes:
    messages is if event will be Disabled and player does not have PERMISSION
    The config does works with color codes.
    Colors can be found

    - thinking of it,that YOU are able to add sounds when it has cancelled there event.
    - Autoheal.
    - No Fall Damage with permission.

    Known Bugs:
    - NONE

    Any questions,ask down below here and i do my best,if want anything added,just message down here.