AdvancedPluginManager 1.4 [1.8.3-1.8.*]

Load, Reload, Disable, Enable your plugins!

  1. Polarfuchs1
    Advanced Plugin Manager gives you the ability to reload, to enable, to disable and to load your plugins.
    /rload <plugin>
    /enable <plugin>
    /disable <plugin>
    /load <Path to plugin.jar>
    I tried to keep it simple, so I use only one permission for all commands,
    but if you want more permissions, just let me know in the comments!
    permission: apm.use
    If you like the plugin, I would be very happy about a donation!
    If you like to code, here's the GitHub URL:

Recent Updates

  1. Multiple Classes, GitHub and the right JAR

Recent Reviews

  1. DiegoMC
    Version: 1.0[1.8.3-1.8.*]
    Buen plugin, habla español?
    1. Polarfuchs1
      Author's Response
      Lo siento, pero yo no speek español