AdvancedRepair 1.0.1

Ever had trouble adding cooldown to /repair command? Here's your solution.

  1. Realized
    Advanced Repair is a repairing plugin with all the features that Essentials /repair provides, but with per-group cooldown system. I used to have trouble with adding cooldown to /repair command when I was a server owner long time ago, and decided to give a simple solution with my knowledge to anyone else who are experiencing problems. It's completely free, so enjoy!


    1) Download Vault if you haven't already. (Link)
    2) Download & Drag AdvancedRepair into your plugins folder.
    3) Start your server.

    You're good to go!

    - Repair system just like Essentials, but with highly simplified config options & message editing!
    - Amazingly detailed configuration that you won't have trouble understanding.
    - Per-Group cooldown system! Allow higher donators to have shorter cooldown.

    and more to come...


    (Note: /repair & /repair hand functions the same.)
    /repair hand - Repairs the item player is holding. -
    /repair all - Repairs the player's inventory. -
    /ar view <username> - View player's cooldowns. - arepair.admin
    /ar reset <username> - Reset player's cooldowns. - arepair.admin
    /ar reload - Reload the plugin. - arepair.admin - Allow players to repair enchanted items even if 'repair-enchanted' option is disabled in the configuration. - Allow players to repair renamed items even if 'repair-renamed' option is disabled in the configuration.

    arepair.bypass - Allow player to bypass any cooldown.* - Grants access to all repair commands. (Including renamed & enchanted)

    arepair.* - Grants access to all permission of AdvancedRepair.


    The default configuration contains highly detailed comments per options.
    Read the comments if you're wondering anything.

    Code (Text):
    # Allow repair of enchanted weapons and armor.
    # If you set this to false, you can still allow it for certain players using the following permission: arepair.enchanted
    repair-enchanted: true

    # Allow repair of renamed weapons and armor.
    # If you set this to false, you can still allow it for certain players using the following permission: arepair.renamed
    repair-renamed: true

    # Set cooldown for hand and all per group.
    # cooldown is in seconds.
    # Set to 0 for no cooldown.
    # Please Note: Group name is case sensitive.
    # repair-hand: /repair, /repair hand
    # repair-all: /repair all
    # Permission for bypass: arepair.bypass
        repair-hand: 60
        repair-all: 600
        repair-hand: 30
        repair-all:  600

    # Edit the messages displayed in-game here! Read the comments above the message for more information.

      # Displayed when the sub argument of the repair command is invalid.
      # No available placeholders
      usage: '&cUsage: /repair [hand:all]'

      # Displayed when the held item cannot be repaired on /repair hand.
      # No available placeholders
      invalid-item: '&cThis item cannot be repaired.'

      # Displayed when the item is already on full durability.
      # No available placeholders
      already-maxed: '&cThis item is already on max durability.'

      # Displayed when player is not holding anything on /repair hand.
      # No available placeholders
      not-holding: '&cPlease hold an item to repair.'

      # Displayed when there are on items that needs to be repaired in player's inventory on /repair all.
      # No available placeholders
      no-needed: '&cThere were no items that needed repairing.'

      # Displayed when player is not authorized for permission required action.
      # Available placeholder(s):
      # %permission% - Gets the permission missing.
      not-authorized: '&cYou are missing the following permission: %permission%'

      # Displayed when player is still on the cooldown for repair command.
      # Available placeholder(s):
      # %remaining% - Gets the remaining cooldown duration in a nice date format.
      on-cooldown: '&cYou must wait %remaining% to use this command again.'

      # Displayed when the command /repair or /repair hand has successfully ran.
      # Available placeholder(s):
      # %held% - Gets the name of the held item.
      on-repair-hand: '&6Successfully repaired the &citem holding&6.'

      # Displayed when the command /repair all has successfully ran.
      # Available placeholder(s):
      # %repaired_items% - Gets the list of items repaired by the command.
      on-repair-all: '&6Successfully repaired your: &c%repaired_items%&6.'






    Thanks for viewing/downloading/using my resource! Shoot me a PM if you're experiencing any problem. (Click Me to PM)
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    Version: 1.0.1
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  2. Jaykob
    Version: 1.0.1
    The RENAME it is not a Option.

    We got 3 groups with the SAME permissions and some with addded permissions, so just rename it is not possible :c
    1. Realized
      Author's Response
      No, rename the config value's name, not your server group's name.
  3. xvrlee
    Version: 1.0.1
    can you add mcmmo support. /repair command is not working with mcmmo plugin....................................
  4. Diov3r
    Version: 1.0.1
    E X C E L E N T E
    P L U G I N !

    Bastante completo y no contiene bug, como la gran mayoria de plugins similares.

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    Version: 1.0.1
    Amazing support! Truly thankful the developer answered so quickly and updated so quickly! 10/8 would download again!
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    Version: 1.0.0
    Great and useful plugin thank you for making this. My players thanks you :D, keep doing what you are doing because you are doing it very good.
  7. Elijah
    Version: 1.0.0
    Great repair plugin. Best one of them all. I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for a repair plugin or wants to replace Essentials repair. Please continue updating this resource!