AdvancedTeleport 5.6.1

A rapidly growing teleportation plugin looking to break the boundaries of traditional TP plugins.

  1. Thatsmusic99
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Niestrat99 (Founder), SuspiciousLookingOwl, jonas-t-s
    Founded by » Niestrat99

    Continued by » Thatsmusic99
    (Reworking this page right now, may take a bit!)

    1.8-1.15.2 support will be removed in the next major update. Paper is the only software supported if you have performance problems with the plugin.


    If you have a bug report to make or a feature to request, please do it in the discussion tab or join our Discord server and don't use the review section.

    In order to go place feature requests on the pipeline, we must discuss it more with you, the user, to either find a workaround feature or decide how the feature can be implemented within AT.

    Please use the review section for genuine feedback, i.e. Pros and Cons of the plugin. From there we can definitely improve the plugin following that feedback, and help potential users decide whether they should use the plugin or not.

    Thank you.

    « Overview »

    Advanced Teleport, despite the name, is a very simple plugin that handles multiple teleportation functions that other plugins may not be able to handle - or, very simply, does them better.

    As of currently, this includes:
    Handling of teleportation requests » Containing all of the basics, including /tpa, /tpahere, /tpcancel... you name it!
    Enable and disable teleport requests » If you don't want to receive teleport requests at all you can simply disable them for yourself using one command.
    Take care of multiple pending teleport requests » This plugin allows you to take care of multiple pending teleport requests.

    Sound Alerts » For /tpa and /tpahere, you're able to get a sound notification when you receive a request!
    Blocking feature » If a player keeps sending you a teleport request and you get annoyed by it you can simply block them from sending a teleport request to you with only one command.
    Random/Wilderness Teleportation » Advanced Teleport contains a Random Teleport feature, which shoots you off to a random location in the world - the main difference is, it's the fastest RTP in the west and can instantly teleport you to a random location without lagging your server!*
    Pre-teleportation warm-ups » Periods that take place between confirming teleportation and commencing it. You can also choose whether moving cancels the teleportation!

    Command cooldown » Prevents players from spamming AT's teleporting commands. You can decide whether the cooldown applies to all commands, or is per-command.
    Largely Configurable » You can configure the vast majority of the plugin!
    Vault Support » You can make teleport requests cost money! In order to do that you would have to enable the Vault function in the config.yml file.
    Prices for sending teleport requests can be changed as well!
    Item Payments » In addition to Vault support, you can also make your teleport requests - and other commands - cost items instead! (Currently does not support NBT)
    Warps » You can make warp points and teleport to them!
    Interactive signs » You can create signs which warp you to a warp point, teleport you to a random place or even more!
    Homes » You can set home points to your location in case you want to get back there sometime!
    Accessible Warps and Homes List » You can interact with the homes and warps list by clicking on a home/warp and it'll teleport you there! You can also hover your mouse over the home/warp to see its location.
    Distance Limitations » Restrict how far your players can travel across the world by using AT's distance-limiting feature!
    Cross-World and In-World Limitations » Stop players teleporting within, to and from a world!
    Per-World Respawn Mechanics » Choose how your players respawn in different worlds - at the spawn, at a specific warp, at a random location or in their bed?
    Specialised Spawn System » AT has a special spawn system that allows you to set different spawnpoints for different worlds, mirror spawns in different worlds to one spawnpoint, and even set spawnpoints for people with certain permissions or ranks! (This last part requires a permission plugin)
    Offline Teleporting » You can teleport to offline players using Advanced Teleport, a unique feature the majority of other plugins disregard - so if you have players stuck inside corrupted chunks or want to check where they last were, you're now able to do this with ease.
    Customisable Messages » 99% of the messages can be customized including the help menu and error messages! (Customizable messages can be found in the CustomMessages.yml)

    And much more!

    * This feature requires Paper (server type) to be used. This is called the Rapid Response system, which pre-selects a number of locations before people use a sign or /rtp. Although rare, a possible side effect of this system is slower shutdown times due to chunks possibly generating as the server shuts down. If you have problems with this, please try pre-generating your world!


    /at help » Shows you a list of categories you can choose from in case you need to know the commands of a specific feature Do /athelp <category> to get the list of commands of this feature.(

    /tpa <IGN> » Sends a request to the player to teleport to them.


    /tpahere <IGN> » Sends a request to the player to teleport them to you. (

    /tpayes » Accepts a teleport request. If you have multiple requests, the plugin will show you a list of pending requests by players which you can accept by clicking on the names in the list. (at.member.yes)

    /tpano » Declines a teleport request. If you have multiple requests, the plugin will show you a list of pending requests by players which you can decline by clicking on the names in the list. (

    /tpcancel » Cancels a pending teleport request you've sent to a player. (at.member.cancel)

    /tpblock <IGN> » Blocks a player and prevents them from sending a teleport request to you. (at.member.block)

    /tpunblock <IGN> » Unblocks a player and allows them to send a teleport request to you. (at.member.unblock)

    /tpoff » Disables teleport requests for you. Players cannot send a teleport request to you. (

    /tpon » Enables teleport requests for you. Players can send a teleport request to you. (at.member.on)

    /rtp » Teleports you to a random place. (at.member.tpr)

    /warp <warp name> »
    Teleports you to an existing warp point.(at.member.warp)

    /warps »
    Gives you a list of warps. (at.member.warps)

    /spawn [ID] » Teleports you to a specified spawn. (at.member.spawn) - (at.admin.spawn to use the [ID] argument)

    /sethome <home name> » Sets a home point at your location.(at.member.sethome)

    /delhome <home name> » Removes a home point you have. (at.member.delhome)

    /home <home name/bed> » Teleports you to your home point./Teleports you to your bed location. (at.member.home)

    /homes » Gives you a list of home points you've set. (

    /setmainhome <home name> »
    Sets a user's main home. This is used when only doing /home and users never lose access to it if their home limit changes. (at.member.setmainhome)

    /movehome <home name> » Moves a user's home to a new location. (at.member.setmainhome)

    /back » Teleports you to your last location. (at.member.back)

    Admin Commands

    /tpo <IGN> » Instantly teleports you to another player without sending a request. (at.admin.tpo)

    /tpohere <IGN> » Instantly teleports the player to you without sending a request. (at.admin.tpohere)

    /tpoffl <IGN> » Teleports to a player's location. If they are online, the command will operate as /tpo instead with all permission checks. Otherwise, their last known location is used. (at.admin.tpoffline)

    /tpofflh <IGN> » Teleports a player to your location. If they are online, the command will operate as /tpohere instead with all permission checks. Otherwise, their login location is updated. (at.admin.tpofflinehere)

    /tpaall » Sends a request to every player to teleport them to you. (at.admin.all)

    /setwarp <Warp name> »
    Sets a warp point at the place you are. (at.admin.setwarp)

    /delwarp <Warp name> » Deletes a warp point you've set. (at.admin.delwarp)

    /movewarp <Warp name> » Moves a warp point you've set to your current position. (at.admin.movewarp)

    /setspawn [ID] » Sets a spawn at your location. (at.admin.setspawn) - (
    at.admin.setspawn.other to use the [ID] argument)

    /mirrorspawn <To Spawn>|[From World] [To Spawn] » Mirrors a world's spawn to a different spawnpoint. (at.admin.mirrorspawn)

    /removespawn [ID] » Removes a specified spawn point. If no arguments are specified, the spawn in the player's current world is removed. (at.admin.removespawn)

    /setmainspawn [ID] »
    Sets the main spawn that everyone teleports to by default. (at.admin.setmainspawn)

    /at reload » Reloads the Config of this plugin. (at.member.core.reload)

    /at info » Shows information about the plugin as well as some links for if you have any bugs to report. (

    /at import <Plugin> [Type] » Imports data from a specified plugin into AT's data storage. (at.member.core.import)

    /at export <Plugin> [Type] » Exports data from AT's data storage into another plugin's storage. (at.member.core.export)

    /sethome <player> <home name> » Sets a home point at your location for a player. (at.admin.sethome)

    /delhome <player> <home name> » Removes a home point from a player. (at.admin.delhome)

    /home <player> <home name> » Teleports you to a home point of a player. (at.admin.home)

    /homes <player> » Gives you a list of home points a player has set. (

    /setmainhome <player> <home name> » Sets a user's main home. This is used when only doing /home and users never lose access to it if their home limit changes. (at.member.setmainhome)


    The config.yml file will be automatically created when you use AdvancedTeleport the first time.

    You can find the Config.yml in plugins/AdvancedTeleport.

    The full configuration file is commented and updated regularly, made possible using the ConfigurationMaster API. I can't include it because Spigot says no but see the default one here.


    As of currently, AT offers six different interactive signs:


    [Warps] » This displays all the available warps to the user. (Use Permission: at.member.warps.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.warps.create)

    [Warp] WarpName » Teleports the player to the specified warp. (Use Permission: at.member.warp.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.warp.create)

    [Spawn] » Teleports the player to the spawnpoint. (Use Permission: at.member.spawn.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.spawn.create)

    [RandomTP] » Randomly teleports the player in the current world. (Use Permission: at.member.randomtp.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.randomtp.create)

    [RandomTP] WorldName » Randomly teleports the player to a specified world. (Use Permission: at.member.randomtp.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.randomtp.create)

    [Bed] » Teleports the player to their bed if it exists. (Use Permission: at.member.bed.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.bed.create)


    Here you can see some videos people have made about

    this plugin.

    Tutorial by LuxLacis (

    Showcase by LtJim007 (ServerMiner)

    You've made a video about this plugin? Make sure to send me the link to your video through direct message and I will link it to this section!


    Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

    You would like to have a Minecraft server that's easy to set up?

    Then click this image below to get to their website!



    If you want a free Minecraft server then you should check out!

    Click the banner to get to the website!


    This plugin was originally developed by Niestrat99, who passed on the plugin to me, Thatsmusic99, after he decided he could no longer devote time to the plugin. However, he continues to have close ties with the plugin and I'm sure he's as proud of it as I am. He now works with Roblox games in Lua which I can't do to save my life.

    In addition to AT, I develop large-scale plugins like HeadsPlus, SimplePets and have created a unique library, named ConfigurationMaster, so I'm an experienced programmer, especially in Java.

    If you have any questions, suggestions or if you have found a bug then let us know about them on Discord!

    Support Discord:

    I figured it'd also be worth mentioning that AT will be free, forever. If you appreciate our work, please consider donating to either Niestrat or me. :)

    Do you like this plugin? Then please leave a review and let me know how I did!
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Recent Updates

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  2. Massive feature and bug fix dump
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Recent Reviews

  1. Schweinefleisch
    Version: 5.6.1
    Plugin straight up overrides other plugins commands, I'm using another plugin to manage my spawn but this plugin comes and overrides it messing everything up, I already disabled the option in the config but the plugin keeps blocking me from using the other plugin's /spawn command, I'm just using this plugin for the warps feature, nothing else, as it should be.
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Just to update this review response, OP has since reached out to us on Discord over this and we were able to resolve the issue along with another question they had. To my knowledge, the plugin is now usable to them without any further conflicts or issues.

      At this time, AT does have a modular feature that allows you to turn off specific features, such as homes, spawns, normal teleportation, etc. - however, at this time, it does not automatically disable their commands, which was the main complaint in this review. I will be following this up in a future version. Consequently, I do not mind at all whether this review has a follow-up or not, and I do not want to force you into updating it; this is purely to cover any concerns people have about the plugin when it comes to this sort of issue.

      However, we do provide an easy way to work around this; AT has a disabled-commands list, which you can add to and it'll disable the commands you choose. This is what we used to resolve this problem.

      The plugin is not completely perfect and hiccups like these do happen, which is why we strongly advise users who experience issues to inform us first before jumping to the review section. I understand it's hard if you've developed an immediate grudge against me because my work is causing you frustration, but I do ask for everyone to give both me and Niestrat a chance.

      I have done plugin development as a hobby for five years now, it's not as much as more notable developers but I do have the experience and know as a server owner and customer support representative what works for some, and what doesn't work for others. And consequently, we do try and make the support for the plugin the best it can be. A lot of opinions that started out hostile, we have turned around to be far more positive, and that is something I don't only do here.

      I and Niestrat are not available for support constantly, but when we are next available, we do our best to make sure to make it our first responsibility to respond. Feature requests are clearly not a priority, but if you have a bug or issue that stops you from using the plugin, we ensure it is addressed ASAP.

      A bit of an essay, I'm fully aware, but I did want to follow up myself with this. TL;DR: Reach out to us if you have issues with the plugin, and we will make sure you can use it as you need to. This doesn't go for other developers, but I want to make it a guarantee with AT.
  2. riotside
    Version: 5.6.1
    This plugin causing extreme server lag, my cpu jumps from 10% idle to 100% idle at all times with this plugin. Any other teleport plugin works perfect, im not sure why, but this is very resource heavy.
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      If you can, please reach out to us before making claims like this with TPS reports, server type, timings, etc. I haven't seen such claims as of recent so I will be happy to cover any strange behaviour you're having.
  3. Psykrot
    Version: 5.6.1
    Best teleport plugin that covers all of the bases!
    Can't wait for particle effects to be added.

    Dev is very fast to respond on Discord. 10/10
  4. Spizi
    Version: 5.6.1
    Excellent plugin that meets all of my needs.
    The plugin is complete, everything is configurable and doesn't need anything more.

    I will add that the support team was very available and responded to my problems extremely quickly on Discord
    Thanks to Thatsmusic99 and Niestart for giving me their time
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      I am AWFUL at responding to reviews oh goodness

      Thank you for the review and love, I'm glad we were able to get any issues you had addressed to the fullest!
  5. Osurac
    Version: 5.6
    Awesome plugin, and the staff responded almost instantly in their Discord server when I had questions. Everything works as it should, also gets updated when required.
  6. Halfons47
    Version: 5.6
    Very nice and smooth plugin. Highly configurable and with great support from the developers as usual for their plugins.
  7. Wezi
    Version: 5.6
    I tried to polish it for 5 hours. I showed it to advanced technicians and even though it found my bugs, the plugin kept showing error .. Creating a new config "custom-message-error.yml"
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      You didn't contact us? The config changing indicates that there is a configuration error. Send it our way over either Spigot or Discord if you're unsure or try using - we're happy to help you with it. I'm sorry you've been struggling with this but this is why we also advise users to contact us directly first.
  8. cklown
    Version: 5.6
    Awesome plugin!
    Easy to setup and use. Would love for functionality to be added for custom commands to teleport to specific places, like /hub teleports player to hub, /store, /crates etc.
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      That's awesome to hear. :)

      I'll share you a bit of information which I think would be a lifesaver: - AT is not a custom commands plugin, but I believe this should likely cover what you want.

      Feel free to reach out if you're confused by this.
  9. CosmicWanderer
    Version: 5.5.7
    I have been using this plugin on a server for a long time, it is definitely my favorite. It's simple and easy to use. That being said, I have been lately get some complaints on my server about /back being equivalent to Keep Inventory. Is there a way to disable /back to death points?
  10. emrhnnaydnn
    Version: 5.5.6
    A great plugin. I've been using it for a long time and never had a problem. I wish there was a placeholder like %at_tp-status% for /toggletp...
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Hey there, I'm happy to hear you've had a positive experience with the plugin overall thus far!

      I do want to look into getting placeholders done in the future, if you have any other placeholder ideas too, definitely drop them in the discussion. I may consider giving AT some attention when I have time again and I've finished with my other plugin.