AdvancedTeleport 5.5.7

A rapidly growing teleportation plugin looking to break the boundaries of traditional TP plugins.

  1. Bug Fixes

    Been taking a break from AT for a while to focus on HeadsPlus, since I'm doing a rewrite on that similar to AT's v5.4 (config rewrite + SQL storage) update, thankfully it's nearly done. However, here's a little bugfix update.

    a01db95, 755b968 and d513dc5 Now uses the floodgate api. - jonas-t-s and Thatsmusic99 (fixed Geyser warnings)
    5d5b787 Fixed /warp not tab-completing for non-OPs - Thatsmusic99
    d125f47 Sped up permission searches when doing /warp - Thatsmusic99
    ca73895 Use the plugin logger rather than System.out.stupid - Thatsmusic99
    3413986 Fixed world limitation rules blocking teleports when in the same world (not intentional) - Thatsmusic99
    5ecc307 Used World#getHighestBlockAt for /tpr (finally LMAO) - Thatsmusic99
    36af010 Use a HashSet rather than a List here (better #contains time complexity) - Thatsmusic99
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