AdvancedTeleport 5.5.7

A rapidly growing teleportation plugin looking to break the boundaries of traditional TP plugins.

  1. Plenty of Bugfixes

    164859e Only use the vanilla border option when required - Thatsmusic99
    7b7ce5b Bumped version - Thatsmusic99
    1315e78 Added at.member.spawn.<ID> - Thatsmusic99
    55949b6 Updated pom.xml to use authlib instead of crapp... - Thatsmusic99 f43c993 Fixed /rtp in the Nether - Thatsmusic99
    ee6a7a7 Code formatting - Thatsmusic99
    8d44092 Fix NPE for Geyser/Floodgate players - Thatsmusic99
    4a8f81e Might be a patch? Ensure the correct UUID for Floodgate players are used - Thatsmusic99
    73a8114 Added more info for errors in NBTReader#getPlayerdataFolder - Thatsmusic99
    03513cf Fixed offline teleportation preparation failing in 1.15.2 (fixes #54) - Thatsmusic99
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