AdvancedTeleport 5.5.7

A rapidly growing teleportation plugin looking to break the boundaries of traditional TP plugins.

  1. Hotfix + Other fixes

    Oh, uh... it's been almost four months? Sorry guys, I went to study at university (and scream over HeadsPlus being a brat)

    6ae9caf Fixed offline teleportation preparation failing in 1.8.x now - Thatsmusic99
    45b2733 Bumped version - Thatsmusic99...
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  2. Plenty of Bugfixes

    164859e Only use the vanilla border option when required - Thatsmusic99
    7b7ce5b Bumped version - Thatsmusic99
    1315e78 Added at.member.spawn.<ID> - Thatsmusic99...
  3. /tpr hotfix for 1.16.5 and older

    ea4a912 Fixed world border checks failing in pre-1.17 versions - Thatsmusic99
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  4. Bug Fixes

    Been taking a break from AT for a while to focus on HeadsPlus, since I'm doing a rewrite on that similar to AT's v5.4 (config rewrite + SQL storage) update, thankfully it's nearly done. However, here's a little bugfix update.

    a01db95, 755b968 and...
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  5. Fixed update checking lmao, actually update this time it's not a drill

    17c6fda i don't know how i missed the possibility of this i'm so stupid - Thatsmusic99

    this one's for you @JamieT, thank you for catching out my sheer stupidity so early
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  6. Bug Fixes, /tpr Border Support and other smaller improvements

    99bd621 Added URL markdown support to custom messages - Thatsmusic99
    bf834ca got bored and rewrote how update checking works* - Thatsmusic99
    2b99b74 Fix NPE when a (main) spawn is not...
  7. Bug Fixes and General Improvements

    c91deb Fixed null usernames in Essentials stopping the import process - in addition to that, the import process does not stop when one step of the import fails, but print error information and continue.
    474cdd Save discovered RTP locations for Rapid Response following server shutdown so...
  8. Bug Fixes

    Just got some non-urgent bug fixes this time! Went on a thrilling bug hunt and caught some smaller things that hadn't been fixed. Nothing urgent though. I hope you're enjoying v5.5 so far!

    - 1fb88c Commented out unused config options - Error
    7c7744 Address typo (regarding item...
  9. 1.17 Support, New Spawn System, Rapid Response RTP, Import/Export w/ Essentials, Item Payments, more

    that's a long title

    Thank you for 100k downloads! <3

    This is an extensive update with a lot of new features added that took a LOT of time to develop and test, largely tested on 1.16.5 whilst being briefly tested on 1.17 to make sure the plugin worked - which, spoiler, it didn't fully, since NMS drastically changed in 1.17. Yeah, AT uses NMS. Burn me at the stake, I'm so sorry md 5 please forgive me (I think I'll be moving this onto a separate API regardless to...
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  10. Exploit fix, bug fixes and some more

    Wanted to save this for a slightly bigger update but an exploit popped up so I patched that and now it's not anyone's problem anymore. Thank you for LucasMucGH for addressing one of these bugs!

    Patched an inventory exploit - Error
    25dccf Fixed...