AdvancedTimber 1.5.5

Highly configurable timber plugin

  1. 7smile7
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15

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    This plugin lets you timber full trees with a single block break.
    It is completely up to you to decide what item can be used to timber a tree:

    This plugin can be configured to act very fast and performance friendly.
    You can tweak every setting to your needs.

    Supported Plugins
    Let only players with a high woodcutting skill timber trees.
    Protect trees in any region

    Command: /timber
    Desc: Shows plugin info
    Command: /timber toggle
    Desc: Toggles timber on/off
    Permission: timber.commands.toggle




    (Works with custom trees)​

    Supports a lot of plugins (e.g. Jobs Reborn)
    Safe drops. No duplication.
    Detetcts all tree types. (Even schematic and custom trees)
    100% translatable
    High performance modes
    Complete control
    Supports multiverse
    Supports custom items
    Uses extra durability (ofc. configurable)
    Supports enchantments

    This plugin supports schematic trees and is suitable for epic world generator worlds.

    Special Hint:
    Also want to manage your crafting recipes?

    Code (YAML):
    MessagePrefix: "§6[§eAdvancedTimber§6] "
    : false

    #This tells the plugin how long it is allowed to destroy
    #blocks per tick. Higher values might cause lags.
    #Lower values will get a better performance but could lead
    #to pretty inconsistent destruction times of trees.
    #hard capped between 1 and 50 including both
    : 10

    #If this is set too high (~5 is pretty high), timbering might
    #look laggy. Can enhance performance when raised.
    : 2

    #This can be used to limit the size of
    #trees that can be cut.
    #Will have a performance impact if set to aprox 10.000 or higher
    : 1000
    : "§cThis tree is too big for timbering."

    #The durability that should be removed per timbered block
    : 1

    #Set to true if you want to include Unbreaking enchantments
    : true

    #If this is set to true then the player
    #will instantly get all drops and the treeblocks
    #will not drop any items.
    : false

    #If this is true only trees with leaves on them
    #can be timbered
    #If set to false, players are able to timber every
    #LOG - structure
    : false

    #This can be used if trees with blocks that are
    #further apart should be timbered
    #Use with caution. This can lead to instant deforestation
    #Uses a slightly performance heavier calculation for cubes
    : false
    : 2

    #If this is true every tick only N blocks will get
    #destroyed. With N := BlocksPerSmoothBreak
    #Will ignore the MillisecondsPerPlaceQueue limitation!
    : false
    : 10

    #Blocks in the droplist cant be broken to
    #obtain another drop.
    #This is a little bit safer but needs a bit
    #more performance.
    : false

    #If this is true the plugin will try to fire events for every
    #block that is broken by a player while timbering.
    #This can enable or break compatiblility
    #For example: Jobs reborn will recognise every broken block and give the player
    #exp for every log.
    #On the other side almost every antichet will throw false positives.
    #Might cause lags with huge trees
    : false

    #Only OPs and players with this permissions can trigger a timber.
    : "timber.trigger"

    #If an item has ANY of the given parameters, it will
    #trigger a tree timber. You can ask for more :D
    #Here is a list of all valid Materials:
           - PICKAXE
            - SWORD
           - DIAMOND_AXE
            - IRON_AXE
           - "Timber"
           - "This can timber Trees."
           - "timberkey"

    #Enabled worlds
     - world
      - world_nether
      - world2

    Cancellable TimberEvent
    Will be fired before a timber starts.
    From the TimberingTree instance you can set

    The start block
    The max tree size
    If events shhould be fired for each block
    If items should be dropped or instantly picked up
    If it should check for tree safety
    If it should use cascades
    The cube Radius of cascades
    If it should check for enchants
    If it should break smooth or fast
    The drop chance

    You can also add Blocks to the List that should be broken.

    If you have any suggestions or problems feel free to post them in the discussions tab.

    Please try to use the review section only for... well reviews

Recent Reviews

  1. Neubulae
    Version: 1.5.2
    Hello again. When the version 1.5.2 came out I am very excited to see that you have added an option for deforestation. However, when I am testing with my axes I still see problems while cutting down trees: if leaves of trees are mixed together, all of the *joined* trees will be cut. In a massive forest it could be a very big deal as it crashed my server multiple times. Can you implement a better way to distinguish between trees?
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Interesting. Have you enabled the new 'LimitForestation' feature?
      I just tried it in a DarkOak forest and everything worked fine for me :D
      If you have crashes you should try to reduce the 'MaxTreeSize'.
      Lowering the 'CubeRadius' might help too.
      Btw i would prefer such posts in the 'Discussion' tab.
  2. Neubulae
    Version: 1.5.0
    The plugin works like a charm! But is there any way to disable the deforestation functionality? It is kinda convenient but I am not ready yet.
    Also, houses that are similar to trees also get chopped down, tho it's kinda hard to distinguish between treehouses and trees. Could you provide a player-togglable command? This is by far the best Timber plugin I have ever seen, I hope this could get some reforms.
  3. EvilParagon
    Version: 1.4.2
    Love this plugin! 100% lag free and works perfect! It even has a permission that players need to use the timber, which other timber plugins don't have :D
  4. D5r5k260726
    Version: 1.3.1
    Plugin works great and work well with jobs reborn but only one thing is that (for me it seems that the durability is always dropping 1 by 1) for each tree) i dont know if it can be possible to make it like 1 for each block or a certain number for a tree) (even changing the number in the config didnt change the durability lost in game :/
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I will check if this is a persistent bug and how to fix it.
  5. Esterreicher
    Version: 1.3.1
    Please do a version for 1.8
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Im currently working on the 1.14 version. After that i'll check if it is possible :)
  6. LucidusMC
    Version: 1.3.0
    This plugin is great just like the devs other ones. It's detection is fast and clean. Asked the dev for clarification and for a feature request and the dev responded quickly and kindly. Thank you for a working timber plugin!
  7. N1D4L0S
    Version: 1.2.0
    Nvm , im just dumb ahah ! The plugin works fine, even with the custom trees from EWG :) Thank you
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Nice :P
      Just tell me if you have any more problems
  8. Firea
    Version: 1.0.2
    Excellent Plugin. Works great and has a configuration in which you can change a lot of parameters to tweak the performance needed etc. I can only recommend it, as it does what is promissed