AdvancedWeather for 1.13 and under 1.2.2

adds a whole new function to your minecraft world!

  1. AdvancedWeather 1.2.2

    * apparently there was a problem calculating the to hot and to cold temperature, so i fixed it!
    * Added tab command completer support
  2. AdvancedWeather 1.2.1

    * New settings for environment
    - Range settings
    - Possible to toggle on and off
    * The plugin works more smoothly
    * Bug fixes in some setting menu's
  3. AdvancedWeather 1.2

    * Environment blocks is fully working now!
    - Editable in game using the /aw enviroment command
    - The program calculates the environment block in a better way
    * Tab commandcompleter
    - Added /aw enviroment to the list
    - Now with accomplish when you were alreay started on your argument
    * Bugs fixed for the display event
  4. AdvancedWeather 1.0.4

    * FIXED bug on environment temperature with the chat display
    * OPTIMIZED tab command completer
    * OPTIMIZED /aw help command
  5. AdvancedWeather 1.0.3

    * NEW pemission: advancedweather.ignoreweather.
    * NEW feature: Environment blocks. (only editable in config file)
    * Small bug fixes.
    * Removed the addons function: all feature come in 1 plugin for optimum use!
  6. AdvancedWeather 1.0.2

    * (I think) all bugs are fixed now
    * (WIP) Environment
  7. AdvancedWeather 1.0.1

    * Small bug fixes