Advertise System 1.3

Simple Advertise System

  1. Failcrafter1998
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Advertise System



    The Advetise System add's a Global Function for your Server to send Ad's to all Players Online.

    Plugins you Need:

    - Vault:
    - Economy System: (The Plugin is tested with Essentials Eco and CraftConomy)

    Planed Features

    - Send AD's through Titles and Actionbar
    - Categories for the AD's
    - Gui with Settings


    Fully Customisable Plugin through the Config:

    cooldown: 1
    costs: 150
    prefix: '&f[&aAdvertise&f] '
    info: '&6Here you can do an AD for your Shop. For one AD you have to pay %costs%
    dollars! &eUse /ad [Text] to advertise!'
    noperm: '&cYou dont have Permissions to perform this Command!'
    cooldown: '&6You have to wait %cooldown% minutes, to send a another Advertising!'
    ad: '&6Advertising from &b%player%: &f'
    moneywithdraw: '&6%costs% Dollars got withdrawen from your Balance!'
    nomoney: '&6Your balance is to low!'
    notext: '&6Please add a Text to your Advertising!'
    console: '&cPlease dont use this Command as Console!'


    Informs you about how to use the Plugin.

    /ad [Message]
    Main Command to Advertise




    Found a Bug or have a Problem with the Plugin? Then just send me a PM or send a Message in the Discussion section.
    Sry for my bad English i am from Germany :)

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  1. Version 1.3 - Bug Fix Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Dominiik
    Version: 1.2
    Good day,
    The plugin I like good, especially well I find that one can adjust the Config as man would like it.
    Thanks for the plugin