AdvSwearBlock 1.0

An advanced swear block plugin, toggle-able per player, that replaces naughty words with asterisks.

  1. A couple of bug fixes

    A couple of bug fixes
  2. Fix /asb reload

    Specific case where persistence is false and ignoring is true
  3. Verision 1.0 (release)

    • Fix discrepancies with config messages
    • Add list of configurable option to have permissions for players who cannot be ignored
  4. 1.5-SNAPSHOT

    - Fix signs not loading in spawn chunk on first login since server restart
    - Add detection for swearing in the form of "f uc k" etc
  5. Various 1.4-SNAPSHOT

    - Switch to yaml file for swearlist
    - split list into two types: multiplied and not multiplied
    - add linear increment in tested-word length for non-multiplied words
    - fix for multiple of the same swear words in one word i.e. "fuckfuckfuck"
    - fix for multiple different swear words in the one word i.e. "fuckshit"
    - fix reloading plugin not fully reloading config values
  6. Properly allows sign-censorship

    Signs will also now be censored on chunk load (properly)!
  7. Add swear-block to signs

    If a sign has a swear word on it, this will censor it from the sign packet
  8. A few additions and big fixes

    - Add /asb add|remove swear words
    - Add /asb list swear words
    - Add some punctuation to messgaes
    - Fixes if not using persistance/ignoring