AdvSwearBlock 1.0.4

An advanced swear block plugin, toggle-able per player, that replaces naughty words with asterisks.

  1. 1.0.4

    Fix some code where it should be equals not contain.
  2. Performance and Tab Complete

    Improved performance of code when detecting naughty words and added tab complete to the /ignore command.
  3. 1.0.2

    A couple of fixes:
    • Bold and italics messages/parts of messages will no longer cause errors to be put to console
    • We've not actually edited a chat packet just because there's a link :unsure:
  4. Version 1.0.1

    A couple of fixes and improvements:
    • Fix where messages are sent via the bungee chat API
    • Fix some interesting censors
    • Add a third list for "match only", without any multiplier or increment
  5. A couple of bug fixes

    A couple of bug fixes
  6. Fix /asb reload

    Specific case where persistence is false and ignoring is true
  7. Verision 1.0 (release)

    • Fix discrepancies with config messages
    • Add list of configurable option to have permissions for players who cannot be ignored
  8. 1.5-SNAPSHOT

    - Fix signs not loading in spawn chunk on first login since server restart
    - Add detection for swearing in the form of "f uc k" etc
  9. Various 1.4-SNAPSHOT

    - Switch to yaml file for swearlist
    - split list into two types: multiplied and not multiplied
    - add linear increment in tested-word length for non-multiplied words
    - fix for multiple of the same swear words in one word i.e. "fuckfuckfuck"
    - fix for multiple different swear words in the one word i.e. "fuckshit"
    - fix reloading plugin not fully reloading config values
  10. Properly allows sign-censorship

    Signs will also now be censored on chunk load (properly)!