AelisRPG 1.02

Project abandoned

  1. ZeroToInfinity
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    AelisRPG [Testing]

    Just a RPG plugin currently underdevelopment, not much features as of right now but I'm updating the plugin everyday adding new things. This is in its early development stages, more features will be added in the upcoming weeks.

    Current features:
    • AelisShop (Custom RPG shop)
    • Magic Wands
    • Bandages / Custom Items
    • Basic Thirst system (Drinking water)
    • Custom Mob drops
    • Config File
    • Some basic functions
    /aelis - Shop
    /aelisreload - Reloads Config


    Things I will be working on:

    • Update Thirst System and add a thirst meter that tracks the player's thirst and notifies them when they need to drink water.
    • Add a hardcore mode, when turned on it makes survival a challenge by buffing mobs, lowering hunger faster, start taking damage if the player is dehydrated.
    • Add small RPG details
    • Implement a mana system, where the user has a limited mana and using abilities drains mana.
    • Add quests that will reward players when completed
    • Add bosses and arenas
    • Implement a duel system where users can challenge other users


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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed bugs