Aero 1.14

Undo 1.9 Changes and re-add a Notch Apple Crafting Recipe, disable the Hitcooldown and much more.

  1. Basic 1.13 support

    • Fixed bug that caused blaze power to be unusable when brewing strength potions.
    • Added basic 1.13 support. I'll get around to reverting 1.13 features soon.
  2. 1.12 Support

    • 1.12 Support
  3. Bug fixes & 1.11 support.

    Fixed an issue where blaze powder would be un-craftable.
    Added support for 1.11
    No config updates are required.
  4. Update 1.3

    Added Suggestions from @tutur1004:
    • The Items in the Off Hand Slot that will be now dropped on the ground instead of adding to their inventory. This fixes duplication Exploits.
    I work on restoring old Damage from Weapons / Armors, please do not suggest these as they are already suggested.
  5. Aero 1.2

    WARNING! This Release is untested. Please leave a message on the Discussions Tab if any of the following Features don't work. Don't leave a bad review when something doesn't works, i will try to fix it soon.
    • Added:
      • When opening a brewing stand inventory, a blaze powder will automaticly set in the blaze powder slot. It will automaticly refill when its used.
      • When a user right...
  6. Aero 1.1

    • Added:
      • When right clicking with a sword, a shield will appear as replacement for blocking (hitting is not possibile, like 1.8)
      • Elytra Blocking
        • You can configure that it will be removed when you pick it up (you can't have it in your inventory)
        • or you can configure that it will be added back to inventory when put in chestplate slot (flying not allowed)
    • Changed:
      • Branch 'master' on GitHub is now up-to-date
      • Config.yml File (it...