aEssentials 2.0.4-Fix

A lite version of Essentials

  1. Fix

    Added a permission for the /cc command.
    Lmao tbh I am kinda surprised that I forgot to add a permission there and also that nobody noticed.. or at least messaged me. lol.
  2. AntiSpam

    Added AntiSpam feature, thanks to @DARTANZ for the inspiration
    • Added AntiSpam feature
    • Added config path (default: 3s)
    • Added OTHER.AntiSpam.Message message path
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  3. Warp update

    • /warp command
    • /setwarp command
    • /warps command
    • aEssentials//warps.yml file
    • /warp cooldown in config.yml file
    • Bypass for /warp cooldown
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  4. Last fixes

    • Error that occured at TELEPORT.TPALL.Success
    • Error that occured at SPAWN.SPAWN.Teleport.Success
    • Error that occured at PING.Success.Player
    • Error that occured at PING.Success.Target
    Big thanks to my buddy CLuBLioN for testing everything out
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  5. Bug fix + AntiAdvertisement

    Fixed an error that occured at ONTIME.Success.Player
    Added ChatCancelEvent
    Added /antiad command
    Added AntiAd Methods
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  6. Fix

    Fixed a path error that occured at SATURATION.HEAL.Success.Own

    Sorry for the mistakes, I did not have the time to test all messages in every language.
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  7. Fix

    Fixed a path error that occured at TELEPORT.TP.Success.Message
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  8. Message update

    Added a lot.
    I will only point out the huge parts tho:
    • You are not able to edit EVERY message sent.
    • API increase
    • Censor and Maintenance added
    • and more..
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  9. aEssentials - 2.0.0 released

    • Prevent fall/poison/drowning/fire damage with the new permissions
    • Modify events like you want to; events.yml added!
    • Fixed a message mistake on /tp command
    • Fixed the /rename command that was wrongly implemented into snapshot version.
    Upcoming next:
    • Censor
    • More event modifications
    • Warping
    • Titles (Header & Footer)
    • ActionBar informational auto-broadcast
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  10. aEssentials - 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT released

    I'm sorry for that there were no updates for a year now.
    I really really had no time for it.

    However, as pronounced I recoded it. Hope y'all like it!

    This version is ONLY available for Minecraft 1.12.x
    I will be going for a version for 1.8 - 1.12.
    Saldy, you are no longer able to edit messages yourself.
    However, you can now choose English or German as your default language.​
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