Aether | Liber XenForo Style. [16581375+ Customizations.] 1.0

16581375+ Customizations XenForo style, For free.

  1. MrVibe
    Some facts before you download the theme.
    1. RGB Color: (255,255,255)
    2. 255x255x255 = 16581375
    3. Thrashers go away from the comments.
    4. MrVibe is cool asf.

    Looking for support/custom design?
    Join My Discord Server:


    1. You are not allowed to remove the credit. [Have some respect.]

    2. You are not allowed to sell this product.

    3. You are not allowed to claim this as your own.

    4. You have to join my discord server for support.

    5. Do not send direct messages, Make a support ticket for support.

    6. If you need some additions, I will do it for a premium.
    Addon Support:
    EWR-XenPorta 2

    The template does not come with any addons or XenForo license. You are supposed to buy them yourselves.

    Updates will be given on every 69 downloads.
    if any hosting company needs partnership, Join my discord server. I've got some big resources coming. Need some hosting ;0

Recent Reviews

  1. soylucien
    Version: 1.0
    I really like the style you give to the forum, I hope the author keeps updating it, thanks for sharing