AFKFishing 1.2

Brings back AFK Fishing from PRE 1.16

  1. DinoThePro
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Spigot WIKI, Minecraft Gamepedia Wiki (on fishing)
    or "The plugin" was made by me for my friend who wanted the 'old' fishing logic back from PRE 1.16.

    The plugin works instantly after being added to the plugin folder. No initial configuration is required unless you wish to specify custom probabilities for the various categories. See 'Configuration'.

    The plugin is now available to the public incase anyone for any reason wanted the AFK fishing feature back, the ability to receive treasure loot from AFK fishing that is. I tried to replicate the old logic with my best ability. The sources used for the probability calculation was: Minecraft Gamepedia Wiki (

    To clarify; this does alter every loot you get from fishing (not when you reel in a player or a dropped item though!). It does not matter if you are at open seas or at an old* AFK fishing farm. It will randomize the loot you get from fishing.

    *old as in pre 1.16.

    The configuration file 'probabilities.yml' is simple and comes with a reload command (see commands) to avoid having to reload the entire server.

    Under probabilities the different chance values for the four levels of LoS (Luck Of Sea) enchantment can be configured. If it is 0 (no LoS enchantment on the fishing rod) that goes under the subtitle 'default'. The default values that come with the plugin are designed to closely replicate the PRE 1.16 values.

    The sum of fish and value shall NOT be over 100 representing 100% probability. However, setting fish to 0 and treasure to 100 would mean a 100% probability of getting treasure from fishing with said rod. This and the reversed scenario is totally OK. Setting fish to 0 and treasure to 0 would in its case mean a 100% probability of getting junk. Logic for junk probability calculation is explained below.

    You do NOT need to write the junk probability since it is calculated through (100-fish-treasure). If you add a junk probability nonetheless: The plugin will NOT take this value into consideration.

    See title 'Examples' below for clarifying examples.

    As of V1.2 it is now possible to disable the fishing manipulation in certain worlds. You do this by simply adding a "- <worldname>" under the "disabled_worlds:" list. Where the <worldname> is the worldname. Examples in the picture above (two worlds, one named "thatoneworld" another "thatsecondworld", the plugin will have no effect in these two worlds.)

    This example would mean that for a fishing rod with no LoS enchantment the probability of getting a fish is 85%. The probability of getting a treasure is 5% which leaves 10% for the junk category.

    This example would mean that a fishing rod with LoS enchantment level 1 'luck1' would have a 100% chance of getting fish. Subsequently, a 0% chance of getting treasure, and a 0% chance of getting junk.

    There is (as of v1.1) only one command. This command reloads the configuration file. Meaning, if you change the probabilities in the 'probabilities.yml' configuration file and execute this command, the plugin will load in the changed values and use these for probability calculation.
    Usage: /fishlogic reload
    Permission: fishlogic.cmd

    Help & Errors
    If you encounter an error or need help of any kind with the plugin, feel free to comment on the plugin's discussion page and I will attend to it as soon as my time allows me to.

    The plugin has been tested thoroughly on a local test server and should work without error on any 1.16+ server.

    • Add more configurability (being able to change precise probability for each item in each category for example)
    • Add more availability for ingame management via commands. Meaning direct access to change the configuration file using only commands.
    • Allow change of probabilitity of individual enchantments
    • Allow change of probablitity of a custom set of items
    • Would you like to see something added to the plugin? Write it up in the plugin's discussion page and it could be added to the TODO list.


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Recent Reviews

  1. nks294
    Version: 1.1
    i like this plugin very much!
    thanks for make this awesome plugin
    but i wish to add config like
    choose enable/disable worlds
    1. DinoThePro
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words!

      I have added the functionality that you're describing :)
  2. Caovanmanh
    Version: 1.1
    I realy REALY LIKE THIS Plugin but can you make category like enchant book or bow or fishing rod ?
    I mean we can chance rate spawn like mending or power or unbreaking ?
    Or just like can change different item drop fishing ?
    1. DinoThePro
      Author's Response
      Appreciate the feedback!

      I will look into it, but because of the way the logic behind the enchanting works it would be a difficult task. Added this to the TODO list :)