AfkTitle 1.0

Simple & configurable plugin to send titles when a player goes AFK

  1. BandiDevelopment
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    PartyProNL, Fernigheid
    Languages Supported:

    AfkTitle is a simple plugin to send a title to a player when they go Away From Keyboard. You can configure these titles and change the time before going AFK. This plugin also comes with a small API


    First, put the plugin in the plugins folder in your server. Then start your server. The default config has default settings. You can configure these like this:
    Code (YAML):

    // config.yml
    : 180 // the time before a player goes afk in seconds
    : '&cExample' // the title sent when a player comes back
    : '&7Example subtitle' // the subtitle sent when a player comes back

    // titles.yml
    : // just the id, just don't clone it
    : '&eThe main title'
    : '&7The subtitle'


    To make your life a bit easier, we also provide an API for developers. It doesn't contain much currently, but this is it for now:

    Code (Java):

    AfkUtil.isPlayerAfk(Player player) // returns a boolean telling if the player is AFK or not
    AfkUtil.resetPlayer(Player player) // stop a player from being AFK
    AfkUtil.getAfkPlayers() // returns a list of players that are AFK

    // PlayerAfkEvent
    getPlayer() // get the player who went AFK
    setCancelled() // set if the event is cancelled
    isCancelled() // returns if the event is cancelled
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