AfterLife 1.5.1

With AfterLife, players who die will now become ghosts who can haunt other players!

  1. nxtguy
    After Life
    AfterLife adds a whole new aspect to your server. Players who die will now become ghosts who can haunt other players and spectate the world for a predefined time. Ghosts can have special effects or powers, and hant other players with spooky sounds!

    I wanted this plugin to work with everyone's servers, so I've made almost every feature of this plugin easily configurable. It can run out of the box, or you can spend time customising it to your server's needs.

    • Add a afterlife experience to your server!
    • Players will become ghosts when they die.
    • Ghosts cannot break or place blocks.
    • Regular players cannot see ghosts.
    • Ghosts can have a configurable effect when walking.
    • Choose if ghosts should have item drop and pickup disabled.
    • Ghosts can create a scary sound when they sneak. (To haunt)
    • You can choose if you want ghosts to be able to chat or PvP.
    • Easy WorldGuard integration! Disable AfterLife in certain regions.
    • Almost every feature of this plugin is configurable.
    • Auto update checking.
    To view documentation on commands, permissions, config files and more, head over to our documentation page.

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  1. After Life v1.5.1

Recent Reviews

  1. SoSeDiK
    Version: 1.5.1
    Any updates for 1.10? Please =(
    I realy like this plugin.
  2. FallenFriend
    Version: 1.5
    Can Confirm: Became sp00ky ghost.
    Works perfectly and is both a wonderful perk and spectating plugin.
  3. Demonly
    Version: 1.5
    Very nice plugin, will be using it as a Vanity
    Store perk for our VIP ranks,

    VIP - Become a ghost whenever you die and haunt your
    Friends for a set amount of time instead of just reviving!
    1. nxtguy
      Author's Response
      Awesome, thanks for the review!