Age Checker 0.8a

Something to Actually make your community more mature!

  1. rossfudgew
    Age Checker
    (I'm working on making this a little better)
    Introducing that plugin that you wish you had years ago! With a little bit of math and magic now you can make sure your users are a certain age!
    Personally I don't like dealing with people under the age of 13 in MC. Its a legal nightmare waiting to happen and typically they always have issues following instructions and reading (so I don't want to be bothered with them). Also I feel that my server's convo's are not something that should be seen by 10 y/o's. Also Legally speaking, because minecraft chat is logged to file, it violates coppa laws if you allow people under the age of 13 on servers without parental permission.
    So what this plugin does is the following.
    • It asks players for their birthday
    • It determines their age
    • It runs a command you dictate in console (for me its permissions based rank commands) based on sucess or failure to meet a target age, And it also Tells them a custom success or failure message.
    7.png 6.png
    • It allows you to bypass people through the system if you choose too.
    • It Redirects people who can't seem the read
    3.png 5.png
    Currently the plugin is developed by The_Lone_Devil, and I have paid him to make it, but I think it would be useful to many server owners out there so I choose to share it with you. It may be a little buggy, so if you run into any bugs let me know, and I will forward it onto him. I will be taking over the project soon, as my developing skills are getting better (I mainly work in php/html/js/css so transitioning to java is taking a little work).
    Hopefully this is of use to you!
    Config Example (This will be changing a bit in version 9)​

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  1. WBA_Networks
    Version: 0.8a
    Good good but little bit useless :/ Players can lie to play :/ But nice idea