AI Mode [MINIGAME] 1.8

Based on CrossFire gamemode - AI Mode

  1. Alot of updates

    - New: ScoreBoard in Arena fixed and add more numbers !
    Can't edit Scoreboard but can edit the final line of the board! (in config) !
    - New: Can add more items drop from mobs ! (Is-Entity-Drop-Death in config) (Entity-List-Drop-Death in config) !
    - New: effect when shoot the gun
    -And More!
  2. Update

    -Fixing some bugs about this plugin.
    -Fixed Shop!
    -The coder is taking a vaction so this plugin won't update in a while :(
  3. Update

    - Config added Give-Leave (Give items when leave ARENA ! default: true) !
    - Fix Cooldown
    - Fix bossbar and boss
    - Remove all Entity ! (Don't have villager )
    - SHIFT + CLICK can give item when trade !
    - FIX GUI

    Need to delete scoreboard.yml and reload the plugin if don't wanna get error !

    Add guns !
    NEW Add shop ! (summon villager before create arena ! And click the villager ) !
    NEW add command /ai reloadshop - Reload shop.yml don't need to reload the plugin !
    /ai clearlistspawner (Arena name) - Clear all listspawner of arena !
    /ai clearlobbystart (Arena name)- Clear all startlobby of arena !
    NEW Add command /ai setdifficulty...
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  5. New Update

    To Update this plugin, you need to delete the config and set main lobby again if don't wanna get more bugs
    - NEW Now when an arena start, join will set gamemode to Spectator
    - NEW Remove import net.minecraft.server ! Now is can support every version
    NOTE : 1.8 not supported!
    - Updated command /ai start (arena name) - Use to start an arena!
    - Adding Dragon Sound when a Player kill the...
  6. Update

    (For some reasons, this update from 1.1 to 1.4)
    -Fixed error that Zombie can’t spawn in Arenas
    -Fixing member (don’t have OP) that can’t use sign to join arenas (set Spawn-protection into 0)
  7. Fixing

    -Adding ScoreBoard for Arenas, can be edit in.
    -Adding Sign that can join Arenas.
    To create Sign:
    First Line: [AM]
    Second Line: (Name of the arena)
    -Adding 6 colors for sign:
    Green: Waiting
    Yellow: Cooldown
    Orange: Ready
    Red: Playing
    Blue: Ending
    Gray: Reset the arena