ajElimination 1.0.8

Keep track of how many players are left alive in events!

  1. v1.0.8 - Error fix

    • Actually fix the error that occurred on 1.9-1.11 servers
  2. v1.0.7 - Error fix

    • Fixed an error that occurred on 1.9-1.11
  3. v1.0.6 - Restricted pvp and revived/eliminated messages

    • Added restricted pvp option (so only players with a permission can hit people, see config for more info)
    • Added revived and eliminated messages that will get sent to the player when they are revived/eliminated
  4. v1.0.5 - /tpdead command

    • Added the /tpdead command. Teleports all dead players to you
  5. v1.0.4 - Status placeholder

    • Added %ajelim_status% which returns "alive" if the player is alive, or "dead" if the player is dead. Customizable in messages.yml
  6. v1.0.3 - Scoreboard papi support

    • All PAPI placeholders now work in the scoreboard
  7. v1.0.2 - Config fix

    • Fixed new values not being added to the config
  8. v1.0.1 - PAPI placehodlers and option to disable the scoreboard

    • Added an option in the config that allows you to disable the default scorebaord
    • Added placeholderapi placeholders: %ajelim_alive% and %ajelim_dead%