ajMoney [Skript] 0.3

Money for your server (More for rpg type servers)

  1. ajgeiss0702
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    Hello everyone, and today I have a plugin that I have been working on for a while.

    I am working on converting to UUIDs!

    What this plugin does, well, let me tell you:​
    • Give people money
    • Reset your money
    • Set other player's money
    • Pay other people
    • More coming soon!
    To install, drag and drop ajmoney.sk into the scripts folder of Skript.
    You can find an updated version of Skript here

    Then do:
    /sk reload ajmoney
    Then use /ajMoney to see the help page.

    /ajMoney Help page
    Im too lazy to put the rest of the commands, just look in /ajMoney

    ajmoney.admin Admin commands

    • Add /pay done!
    • Add UUID support
    • Fix pick pocketing
    • Post suggestions in the discussion page!
    Known bugs
    • People can 'pick pocket' other people
    • Report bugs in the discussion tab
    I hope you guys enjoy!
    Also check out my Youtube
    And my other Skript plugins!

    Use code AJG0702 to get 50% off! (new clients only)
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Recent Reviews

  1. GheLy
    Version: 0.3
    Hmm... /addmoney do not work... Why? .
    1. ajgeiss0702
      Author's Response
      I am sorry, but I have not updated this plugin in a long time. Some things might be outdated or not work. I will try to look into it and fix it! Next time, please use the discussion section to report things link this.
  2. DeltaKepler
    Version: 0.3
    Good but we can paid negative money.. And, we can pick money to others players.. Please fix it and I give you 5 Stars <3
  3. CHOMPIN_02
    Version: 0.2
    There is nothing very special about this script, also how are people going to use this inside of other plugins as this is not a vault economy plugin.
    1. ajgeiss0702
      Author's Response
      This plugin is more for a rp like server I guess, one day I wanted to make a money plugin, so I did, and Skript does not have an api for scripts, as far as I know.