AJoinCommands [1.8 - 1.15.2] 1.9

Send commands or messages on join, quit, world change and much more

  1. Fully new code and extra features!

    Set commands at specific worlds, disable wolds and more placeholders.
    Manage it ingame with the commands /ajoincommands set ...
    or /ajoincommands add ...

    New delay system. Set your delays in seconds!
    More organised config file!
    More settings for the commands!
    New permissions:

    • ajoincommands.* (All permissions once)
    • ajoincommands.reload (Reload the config)
    • ajoincommands.help (Get the help messages)
    • ajoincommands.set (Change settings from the plugin)
    • ajoincommands.add (Add commands to a list)
    PS: You can also use /ajc ... as command.

    If you have requests, you can always let me know.
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