AJoinCommands [1.8 - 1.15.2] 1.9

Send commands or messages on join, quit, world change and much more

  1. Tested up to version 1.15.2

    I tested the AJoinCommands plugin up to minecraft version 1.15.2
    The plugin works fine on all versions.

    If you are already running version 1.9 you don't have to update the plugin.
  2. Updated to 1.13 and 1.14

    Now you can use this plugin from version 1.8 up to the newest minecraft version.
  3. Fixed reload command

    Fixed the reload command issue and updated PlaceholderAPI to the latest version.

    Just replace the jar file in your plugin folder en restart your server.
  4. Improved code and added update checker

    Just replace the ajoincommands.jar file and restart your server to update the plugin.

    - Added 1 option in config file to enable/disable the update checker
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  5. Multiple delays per section!

    Now you can add multiple delays to your commands!

    Add a delay from 0 up to 1000 seconds!

    Code (Text):

          enable: true
            - say Command without delay!
            - say Command with 25 seconds delay!
            - say Commands with 60 seconds delay!
  6. Add permissions to commands!

    This update brings the possibility to add permissions to certain commands and the usage of PlaceholderAPI!

    How to add a permission?

    Set after the command ;permission: here.your.permission
    So that the command only execute when the player has that permission.

    - 'say Hello, you get this message because you have the correct permission;permission: my.own.permission'

    If you update this plugins, please delete first the old config file!

    For PlaceholderAPI download it...
  7. Fully new code and extra features!

    Set commands at specific worlds, disable wolds and more placeholders.
    Manage it ingame with the commands /ajoincommands set ...
    or /ajoincommands add ...

    New delay system. Set your delays in seconds!
    More organised config file!
    More settings for the commands!
    New permissions:

    • ajoincommands.* (All permissions once)
    • ajoincommands.reload (Reload the config)...
  8. FirstJoinCommand Bug fix

    Fixed some bugs of the FirstJoinCommand section.
  9. Delay function added!

    This update allows you to delay command categories!
    • Join command delay
    • Join console command delay
    • Leave command delay
    • Leave console command delay
    • First join command delay
    • First join console command delay
    • World change command delay
    To disbale the delay set it to 0

    Do i need to add delay to the messages? Let me know.
  10. Features added!

    3 New features added!
    • Join Message
    • First Join Message
    • Leave Message
    You can disable them separately, just change the message to "false"
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