ajParkour [Rewards | 1.7.10 - 1.14.4 | MySQL Storage Option] 1.44

Randomly generated parkour. Great for any kind of server!

  1. v1.44 - Basic jump progression

    • Will not give players the super hard jumps (the ones where you have to do that weird double jump thing) until they get past 30
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  2. v1.43.2 - Add version command to tab-complete

    • add /ajParkour ver and /ajParkour version to tab-complete list
  3. v1.43.1 - Remove debug messages

    • Removed some debug messages that I forgot to remove earlier
  4. v1.43 - More block messages

    • Add configurable messages for block placing and breaking
  5. v1.42.5 - Silver terracotta

    • Remove silver/light gray terracotta from default list because it is different in different versions.
  6. v1.42.4 - Add portals help menu to messages.yml

    • Add the /ap portals menu to messages.yml.

    This update marks that this plugins' messages are now 100% customizable! If you find a message that is not in messages.yml, contact me so I can add it!
  7. v1.14.3 - MySQL name fix

    • Fix player names not being stored in MySQL
    • Add "portals.must-specify-a-number" message to messages.yml
  8. v1.14.2 - Changed some wording

    • Changed some wording in the default messages for messages.yml.
  9. v1.42.1 - Weird character fix

    • Fix 'Â' being in some messages.
  10. v1.42 - Fall sounds!

    • Added fall-sound option to config
    • Fixed weird characters in enabled and disabled messages
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