ajParkour [Rewards | 1.7.10 - 1.18.x | MySQL Storage Option] 2.12.9

Randomly generated parkour minigame. Great for any kind of server! Jump and Run!

  1. v2.12.9 - Bugfixes

    • Fixed an error with some versions of mysql
    • Fixed an error when parkour is below y=0
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  2. v2.12.8 - Bugfixes

    • Fixed a small memory leak in the block selector
    • Add characterEncoding flag to mysql url
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  3. v2.12.7 - Error fix

    • Fixed an error with the highscore placeholder
    I swear if there are more errors from this im going to hit something
  4. v2.12.6 - Bugfixes

    • Fixed another error with the stats placeholder
    • Fixed an error with the highscore cache
  5. v2.12.5 - Error fix

    • Fixed an error with the %ajpk_stats_highscore% placeholder
  6. 2.12.4 - Score placeholder in rewards, highscore placeholder fix, server highscore improvement

    • Added {SCORE} placeholder support to more rewards (end, server highscore) and also allow you to use it in reward commands (from rewards that support the palceholder ofc)
    • Made the server highscore reward to execute after passing the server highscore, instead of just when reaching it
    • Fixed an error that caused the highscore papi placeholder to not work
    • Fixed some messages being named wrongly
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  7. v2.12.3 - Leaderboard fix, small memory leak fix

    • Fixed a bug that would prevent per-area scores from being saved in certain situations
    • Fixed a small memory leak
  8. v2.12.2 - Sqlite and mysql rewrite fixes, don't print updater stack trace

    • Fixed sqlite driver not being found
    • Fixed sqlite connection being closed when it shouldn't
    • Fixed a mysql connection being held while getting a players name (could lead to running out of connections)
    • Added a cache to BlockSelector (should reduce lag in some cases, needs more improvement but its an improvement)
    • Fixed the table prefix being null
    • Made the updater fail with only a warning instead of a stack trace
  9. v2.12.1 - MySQL migration fix

    • Fixed a bug where mysql would not load if another server had already converted the database
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  10. v2.12.0 - Scores storage rewrite, massive performance improvements

    • Rewrote the entire scores system, improving performance and memory usage (massively for big servers) which should also improve stability
    • Fixed some typos in the config
    • Fix begin-score-per-area not effecting the new score on fall message
    • Fixed an error that could happen on server shutdown sometimes