ajQueue 2.2.2

Add a queue for your servers when they are restarting or full!

  1. v2.2.2 - kick-kicked-players, 1.18 protocol name, bugfixes

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  2. v2.2.1 - Bugfixes

    • Fix bypasspaused permission not working with prevent-joining-paused
    • Fixed some errors in the pinger debug would say (unknown) instead of the error
    • Fix queueevent message attempting to be sent when the player is not fully connected
  3. v2.2.0 - Kick command, Unjoinable priorities, toggle forcing queue-servers

    • Added /ajq kick <player> [queue] to remove a player from a queue (or all queues they are in if you dont specify a queue). This also works with offline players that are in a queue.
    • Added unjoinable priorities. This gives priority to people who are able to bypass things that would make a server unjoinable. E.g. whitelisted, full, paused
    • Added a toggle for forcing queue-servers. By default, ajQueue will check every few seconds to make sure that anyone in queue-servers are queued...
  4. v2.1.1 - Bugfixes

    • Fixed error on startup relating to /<server> commands
    • Added option to disable checking for proxy response
    • Fixed dependencies in the api not being put in the api's pom
  5. v2.1.0 - Minigame balancing, fulljoin fix

    • Added balancer modes. Currently theres only default and minigame, but more may be added. Minigame mode will put players in the server with the most players instead of least players (as long as its not full)
    • Fixed fulljoin permissions not being checked in a few places
    • Added some checks to make sure the server doesnt show its full when its offline
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  6. v2.0.10 - Joinfullserver permission and memory leak fix

    • Added ajqueue.joinfullserver.<server> permission
    • Fixed a memory leak (players wouldn't be removed from a part of the plugin when they left)
  7. v2.0.9 - /<server> aliases, bugfixes

    • Added /<server> commands
    • Fixed error in send command when no server is input
    • Fixed error in pause command when no server is input
    • Added more info to the pinger debug
  8. v2.0.8 - Bugfixes

    • Fixed the kick reason outputting the component class instead of the plain value
    • Fixed a library occasionally not being loaded
    • Fixed log converter logging multiple times
  9. v2.0.7 - Updater, velocity kick message, and more

    • Added an updater! Makes updating way easier, just execute the update command
    • Fixed check-last-player-sent-time not working correctly
    • Added an option to send the kick message when on velocity
    • Added more descriptive reasoning in kick messages on velocity
    • Made servers in the queue command filter as you type to accommodate for older clients
  10. v2.0.6 - Bugfixes

    • Dont try to check permission if its null
    • Made server pings not block each other, so if a server is offline it doesnt delay pinging other servers
    • Made server ping more often if you have a high wait-time