ajStartCommands 2.0.3

Run commands when the server starts, or if a player joins.

  1. v2.0.3 - First join commands

    • Added [fj] flag to join commands. I also wrote some documentation on all the flags you can use instead of quickly explaining them in the comment.
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  2. v2.0.2 - Permission join commands

    • Added the option to require a permission for a join command to be executed. More info in the config file
  3. v2.0.1 - windows fix

    • Fixed the plugin not loading on windows
  4. v2.0.0 - Rewritten with new features

    • Rewritten so the code isnt nearly as trash
    • You can have per-command delays
    • You can have some join commands executed as the player and some as console
    • Can have a delay on player join commands
    • Rebranded as ajStartCommands
    You will need to manually move things from the old config to the new one because it is in a completely separate folder. You cannot just copy-paste the file.
  5. 0.4: Added command delay

    + Added an option in the config to be able to wait an amount of time (in seconds) before executing the commands!
    - Removed annoying error message on startup

    NOTE: If you want there to be no delay before the commands are done (like before) then set it to 0.
  6. 0.3: Added player join commands, added command

    + Added player join commands (You can have the console execute them or the player)
    + Added /startcommands that will show a help menu (you can also do /sc, /startc, and /scommands)
    + Added reload command (/startcommands reload)
    + Added info command that will show basic info about the plugin (/startcommands info)
  7. 0.2: Works with my other plugins now

    I made a mistake with all of my plugins, they all had the same main path, making them not load on the same server, well, thats fixed now :)