ajTNTRun 1.3.3

A TnTRun plugin with features such as mysql stats, arena signs, bungee mode, and more!

  1. v1.3.3 - Jump air elimination fix & configurable air elimination time

    • Fixed the plugin eliminating players who jumped a lot
    • Added air-eliminate-time option to the config
    First update of the new year! Happy 2021!
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  2. v1.3.2 - Actionbar reset progress, and a few fixes

    • Fixed game not starting after a reset if there was already enough players to start
    • Added an actionbar for players waiting while the arena is resetting with a percentage that the arena is done resetting
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  3. v1.3.1 - Configurable block fall delay

    • Added block-fall-delay option to the config that allows you to change the delay that blocks fall
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  4. v1.3.0 - Join while resetting, disable items, fix mysql, and several other improvements

    This is probably the biggest update I've done to a plugin in a while.
    • Fixed debug messages sending when they shouldn't
    • Allow joining game lobbies while it is still resetting (requires you to set the lobby location)
    • Will also reload items.yml on /ajtr reload
    • You can now disable certain items in items.yml
    • Fixed MySQL connecting but not being used
    • Fixed error when doing / (no command, just /)
    • Added PRIMARY KEY to MySQL to allow editing in phpmyadmin
    • Added sound...
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  5. v1.2.6 - Lobby items

    • Added items for the lobby (stats and leave) (finally!)
    • Added new config file to customize the items
    • Better organized some code
    • Fixed arenas from <1.2.5 were not joinable on 1.2.5 unless you edited the arena
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  6. v1.2.5 - Max players per arena, pregame countdown sound, flying fix

    Hello! I have canceled the rewrite I was talking about in the previous update because I don't really have the time and motivation to work on it. So here are some improvements for this version :)

    • Update config system to ajUtils. (mostly just makes things easier for me to use)
    • Added debug option to config (instead of just putting debug stuff in the console all the time)
    • Fixed players being able to fly in-game if they were able to fly when they joined the game
    • Added...
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  7. v1.2.4 - Clear potion effects

    • Will clear a player's potion effects when joining a game to prevent things like speed and jump boost
    This might be the last version of v1 because I am starting a rewrite. If any major bugs arise I will fix them, but probably no new features after this until the rewrite.
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  8. v1.2.3 - Possible yaml fix

    • Possible fix for yaml issue
  9. v1.2.2 - Windows fix

    • Fixed the plugin not enabling on windows
  10. v1.2.1 - Optional pressure plates

    • Pressure plates are no longer required, just any block and tnt. If you still want pressure plates, you do not have to do anything.
    • Should fix signs getting randomly deleted on server startup
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