AlchemicalArrows 3.2.3

Aims to improve the bow vs bow combat experience while staying true to Minecraft's vanilla mechanics

  1. Minor Fix

    • Fix accidental hard dependency on Alchema when running /givearrow
  2. Fixes & Effect Configurations

    • Added LaunchStrengthMin and LaunchStrengthMax to the air arrow's effect configuration
      • Adjusting these values will change the force at which the player is launched. Neither should exceed 4.0
    • Remove StrikeLightning from the light arrow's effect configuration
      • Replaced with LightningChance, a value from 0.0 - 100.0, the chance for lightning to strike the hit entity (0.0 = not at all, 100.0 =...
  3. Alchema Integration & Bug Fixes

    • Removed all cauldron crafting-related functionality native to AlchemicalArrows
      • AlchemicalArrows now optionally integrates with Alchema, a new standalone cauldron crafting plugin made by myself!
      • I encourage you to check out Alchema. If you like AlchemicalArrows, you will like this plugin too. They integrate quite well together.
      • Cauldron crafting is not going away! If you used cauldron crafting, you...
  4. Dispenser Support & Chain Arrows!

    • Dropped support for Minecraft 1.14.x - 1.15.x. Only 1.16.2 and above is supported
    • Added a new Chain arrow (#10 - ZizzyZizzy)
      • After hitting an entity, will bounce to the next nearby entity
      • Crafted using a slime ball
      • Custom model data is 148
    • Alchemical arrows may now be shot from dispensers!
    • Added a new update checker (can be disabled in the config.yml)
    • Increase the...
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  5. Coloured arrows, model data and bug fixes

    • Added support for crossbows (and its enchantments; multi-shot will shoot 3 of an alchemical arrow)
    • Added support for tipped arrows and spectral arrows
    • All default alchemical arrows have a designated texture in the inventory by taking advantage of tipped arrows. i.e. water arrows are blue, fire arrows are red, air arrows are white, life arrows are green, etc.
      • These colours are configurable using the new "Colour" option under every arrow. RGB format, separated by...
  6. Minecraft 1.14 Support

    • Add support for Minecraft 1.14.0. Note that this build supports THE VERY LATEST VERSION OF BUKKIT as of April 30th, 2019. If you have not built a version since that date, please re-build using BuildTools, else AlchemicalArrows will not function as intended.
    • Drop support for Minecraft 1.13.x
    • The /givearrow command now supports entity selectors (i.e. @p, @a, @r, @s and its selector arguments......
  7. Fixes, Quality of Life & Features

    WARNING!!! Before downloading and using this update, please update to the latest version of CraftBukkit / Spigot. This build uses features added in some of the more recent versions of CraftBukkit thus you MUST be up-to-date, else AlchemicalArrows WILL spew errors in the console. This build will only work on 1.13.1. Please do not come to request support if you are not on the most recent version of CraftBukkit.

    • Frost arrows will now freeze nearby...
  8. AlchemicalArrows 3 (Minecraft 1.13.x)

    Welcome to AlchemicalArrows 3! Before resuming to the changelog, there are a few things I want to note. For one, this version IS NOT MEANT FOR PRODUCTION SERVERS. It is very likely that the plugin will break. This is a Beta version, use with caution.

    With that out of the way, I'd like to officially announce that there are now two new things worth noting.
    1. My website. Over the past month or so, I've been reworking my website to look a little nicer and contain all my...
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  9. General Fixed & Official 1.12 Support

    * Restructured and further solidified the ItemRecipes class
    * Fixed local arrow registration being printed to console
    * Fixed skeleton loot occasionally dropping alchemical arrows even when "SkeletonLootPercentage" is set to 0
    * Added official support for Minecraft 1.12. In doing so, all previous versions are no longer supported. Please update your server in order to use this version. You will not receive any support from AlchemicalArrows 2 if you are on any version other than 1.12.0+
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  10. General Bug Fixes

    * Fixed an invalid permission issue with /givearrow
    * Fixed the /givearrow command always printing "invalid arrow type x given" for valid arrows
    * Fixed air arrows rarely applying its effect. It should now apply 100% of the time
    * The particle loop is now slightly more efficient; Will only kill arrows when necessary and runs less operations
    * Documented a bunch of methods in the main class and fixed older documentation (More clear & cleaner)