Alerts! 2.1

Alerts for your server! Custom messages, prefix and admin gui!

  1. Mr_Theia
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9

    Welcome back guys!
    This is the second version of my first plugin on Spigot, enjoy it!.
    Alert does not depend on any plugins / API's!
    It's fully configurable and you can customise it to your own style. Titles, Sounds, and more!


    Alerts Command ➽ Make a server alert
    [​IMG] Alerts titles ➽ When one user use the alert command and you enable the alert titles a title was appear with the alert message.
    [​IMG] Chat alert messages
    [​IMG] Custom Messages
    [​IMG] Custom Prefix ➽ Edit via config file, thanks for the suggestion
    [​IMG] Custom Colors in messages, action bar and titles
    [​IMG] Admin GUI menu to enable or disable the alert options
    [​IMG] Custom Alert Sounds
    [​IMG] Enable or disable the options via config file

    • /alert <message> ➽ Make a server alert for all the online players! ✦ alerts.user
    • /alert admin ➽ Execute this command and the admin gui menu will appear ✦ alerts.admin
    • 1.- Download the plugin
    • 2.- Place the plugin in the your server plugin directory
    • 3.- Edit the config file as you want
    • 4.- Restart or reload the server
    • 5.- Execute the command and do all the alerts you want in your server!
    • 6.- Enjoy it! 7w7
    You can contact me via DM on Twitter: @Mr_Theia

    You also can post your suggestions in the discussion or tell me it.
    Please contact me first before posting a bad review

    If the plugin has bugs/errors please make a post in the Discussion Forum.


    All the donations are to continue with the development of new plugins, as well as to continue with a project for developers that you can find in my twitter: @Mr_Theia


Recent Updates

  1. Fix some bugs!
  2. The biggest update!