All Bugs Broker - Craft Anti BUG (Dup) (Flower-Sharpness) (Set Agroup) 2021

flower damage,beacon dup, mcmmo archer

  1. BatemanBR
    If you have played minecraft for a long time, you should know that the mojang team is newbie when it comes to server-side and you have probably come across several bugs from beacon dups, and even the sharpness 5 flower from the demon you take more damage than the sword, or someone bequeathing the server by breaking flowers or creating itemframe entities.

    bugging the bow of the sky by shooting arrows from the sky 200 meters away.

    this plugin is a compilation of removers, delays and correctors for these problems if you want to have a stable and fair server.

    config.yml is inside the .jar

    no set agroup (64 armor group) and (64 sword agroup)


    tags: group agroup pvp regularization regulator just mechanics 64 golden capiroto cap stack maxstack itemstack itemtype material sets grouping

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  1. config.yml error fix