All In One BETA 0.6.5

Combine multiple plugin actions in one!

  1. Lyo_plays
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Currently with 3 commands and 3 automatic actions!
    /help for help menu.
    /fly to fly (Fall damage if not disabled with 3rd party plugin)
    /hello - sends hello message to the user!

    Permissions: -- Access to /fly command
    allinone.hello -- Access to /hello command

    Join messages, quit messages and death messages!

    Everything is completely customizable in the config.yml

    Note: destroying the config format can break the whole plugin!
    Please check your formatting and brackets.
    Contact me at discord: xCann#2504 to report bugs and give me suggestions!

    The plugin is in beta testing and I hope it works well!
    It's mandatory to write a comment to report broken feature!
    More commands and automatic actions in the future!
    Next update: BETA 0.7 in approximately 5 days! (8th of August)
    More versions coming in the next update as well.

Recent Updates

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