AllBanks2 (Banks & WorldProtection) 1.1.6

AllBanks is a plugin that allows you to have different banks and others implementations in your sv

  1. Wirlie
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    AllBanks 2 & WorldProtection
    AllBanks is a plugin that allows you to have different banks and others implementations in your server for your users.

    Also AllBanks implements a protection system called AllBanksLand, this protection system works with a plot system that allows to your users to claim plots (if you do not want to use AllBanksLand, this can be disabled from the Config.yml file). AllBanksLand allows you to have dedicated worlds with plots, allowing its users to have their own plots. Your users can configure their plots with a simple commands and flags.

    And, the worlds of AllBanksLand are configurables, you can set if you want to generate ores / trees / grass in your world, or if you want to deny/allow mobs/animals, etc. with simples commands and flags.

    For more info about of AllBanksLand please see this page:

    What do I do now?
    Available banks:
    1. BankLoan: You need a loan? You can ask for loan with this bank.
    2. BankXP: You can save your experience with this bank!
    3. BankMoney: You have a lot of money? Save your money safely with this bank!
    4. BankTime: Change your spent time into money.
    5. BankChest: Save your items safely into virtual chests with this bank!
    6. Shops: You can create your own shop!
    General Features:
    • 5 banks availables!
    • Supports any Economy plugin that works with Vault.
    • Support for SQLite Database (AllBanks work with a local database using a file in the plugin folder, MySQL database or another external server isn't required).
    • Support for decimal values (accurate calculations).
    • New lottery added.
    • Interests are supported for BankLoan.
    • Support for default permissions.
    • Shops availables!
    • Auto Updater (configurable).
    • Metrics (configurable).
    • Support for "fake items" (only available for AllBanks Shop).
    • Add WorldProtection (AllBanksLand), for more info see this page: AllBanksLand
    Translate AllBanks2 in your language:
    • Translate this file: EnUs.yml (Link) and make a new file at this location with the prefix of your language + the file extesion (.yml) (for example: EsMx.yml), after this, make a new Pull Request on GitHub to review your new file.
    Metrics (MCStats):



    AllBanks v1.0.0 (File removed)
    • Initial release.
    AllBanks v1.0.1
    • Fix an important bug.
    • Support for MySQL and FlatFile system.
    • Make Config.yml more configurable.
    • New sounds and effects.
    AllBanks v1.0.2
    • Shops added!
    • TopRank for BankXP added.
    • Metrics added (configurable)
    • A solution improvised for comments in the Config.yml file.
    • New Auto Updater (configurable).
    AllBanks v1.0.3
    • Improve AllBanks SHOP (now, you can configure a "special item" (EnchantedBook, Potion, SplashPotion, MobSpawner, MonsterEgg, LingeringPotion, TippedArrow, Banner).
    AllBanks v1.0.4
    • Improve AllBanks SHOP: Add support for "fake items".
    • Fix: An important bug was been fixed, now AllBanks shops works correctly if you configure an Item with a specific durability (for example: wool:4).
    AllBanks v1.0.5
    • AllBanks has been updated to prevent "trolls" actions. now AllBanks prevent sign break if a TNT/Creeper/Wither/Dragon/MinecartTNT/etc tries to break a Sign.
    AllBanks v1.0.6:
    • Add compatibility for WorldGuard, Towny and Residence.
    AllBanks v1.1:
    AllBanks v1.1.1:
    • Fix: In some servers, the configuration file cannot be loaded/updated correctly with the native method and this causes some issues (for example: BankTime always pays $0). In this version this issue has been fixed.
    • Improve/Fix: Updater: If you set check-for-updates with false, and auto-update with true, AllBanks2 no longer attemps to download the latest file of AllBanks.
    • Improve/Fix: Now AllBanks checks if you uses a compatible/incompatible version of CraftBukkit/Spigot correctly.
    • Minor change: Add 1.9.2 to the compatibles versions.
    AllBanks v1.1.2:
    • Important fix: AllBanksLand: Players can interact with chests/hoppers/droppers/furnaces/dispenser/jukebox/ender chests/beacons no matter if they not have permissions.
    • Fix: Command /abl plot dispose now works fine.
    AllBanks v1.1.3:
    • Improve AllBanks:
    • Add the ability for disable modules/banks of AllBanks, this can be disabled from the Config.yml file.
    • Improve AllBanksLand:
    • Add protection against to splash/lingering potions, this means that you cannot throw a potion if you do not have permissions or if you are not the owner of the plot.
    • ItemFrame is now protected. (You cannot place/interact/remove an ItemFrame if you do not have permissions or if you are not the owner of the plot.)
    • ArmorStand is now protected. (You cannot place/remove/interact with an ArmorStand if you do not have permissions or if you are not the owner of the plot.)
    • Painting is now protected. (You cannot place/remove a painting if you do not have permissions or if you are not the owner of the plot.)
    • New command: /abl plot teleport <OwnerName> (this command allows to you to teleport a certain plot of the specified owner, respectively, this adds a new flag 'allow-plot-teleport').
    • New plot flag: allow-plot-teleport (for prevents the plot access from the /abl plot teleport command).
    • Prevent growth of trees outside of the plot. (the tree only grow inside of the plot limits).
    • Fix minimal bugs.
    AllBanks v1.1.4:
    • New feature: Support for CB/Spigot 1.9.4.
      Improve BankXP: New configuration max-xp-player-can-save, please see Config.yml for more information.
      Improve BankTime: New configuration max-time-player-can-gather-in-bank, , please see Config.yml for more information.
      Improve AllBanksLand:
      1. New command: /plot (this command is a short command of /abl plot, you can use both).
      2. New command: /abl plot auto, /abl plot autoclaim (equals to: /plot auto and /plot autoclaim). See AllBanksLand#Commands for more information.
      3. New permissions for commands, please see AllBanksLand#CommandPermissions for more information.
      4. Add compatibility for MC 1.9.4
    AllBanks v1.1.5:
    • Help command (/ab help and /abl help) has been improved.
    • Improved configuration of a world of AllBanksLand before his generation. It is now possible to configure the percentage of generation of ores and the height in which the ores can be generated.
    • The updater has been improved, now checks if there are updates properly.
    • The Shops have been improved. It is now possible to sell an object with a customized name.
    • Fix: Shops could not sell items with enchantments in an appropriate way, this has been fixed.
    • Fix:
    • The Shops may duplicate objects if the sold item contains a custom name, this has been fixed.

Recent Reviews

  1. kamziksvk
    Version: 1.1.6
    Very good plugin, worked on 1.10.2, but nowadays unfortunately not :( He will be missed, I was using this bank system on my server, and I would like to show my gratitude to the author of this plugin. I hope one day you will come back to this work!:)
    1. Wirlie
      Author's Response
      Aww, thank you for your review :). I hope that I can come back, probably I'll do, but not for this project unfortunately :( , because there are already some plugins that can do the same functions of AllBanks. I can try to develop a "new concept" of this plugin. I'll think about it.
  2. _MegaCraft_
    Version: 1.1.5
    Your plugin is great. But you have some bugs in plot. Why admins can't come in player's plot, if it have flag that prohibiting entry? After restrart all generator settings set to default. It's bad if you don't load all chunks. But anyway, your plugin best in this way. Goodluck! And sorry for my english.
    1. Wirlie
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! I do not understand what do you mean with the generator settings and the chunk load, what is the problem with that? Any way you can explain this with a reply at the discussion section (

      I will see the problem that you have informed, probably I have omitted something, I will keep you informed about this.

      Greetings! Nice day :)

      Edit: I changed the behavior of the flag AllowEntry. Now administrators can enter to the plot of others. (Issue #12:

      I will continue to investigate the other issue.
  3. Baptiste-mqt
    Version: 1.1.3
    Hello, i'm french sorry for my bad english,

    Very nice plugin but, if you can add a translation file and a custom sign layour it is nice ;D
    1. Wirlie
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review. About the translation, you can help to translate AllBanks in your language with a simple steps :)

      1. Translate this file:
      2. Make a new file at: (You need a GitHub account) and copy your translated content into this new file, the new file should be named "FrFR.yml".

      And about the sign layouts, I do not understand what do you mean exactly. Thanks for using AllBanks :)

      If you have any question, please make a new post at the discussion section :)
  4. papa230
    Version: 1.0.6
    I speak french . Franchement tres bon plugin tres bien develloper merci de faire plusieur mise a jour cela me ferait plaisir :)
    1. Wirlie
      Author's Response
      Hello! I do not speak French :( but, I tried to translate you message with a translator. If you can help me with the French translation I'd appreciate it. AllBanks would have more available languages.

      Thank you very much for using AllBanks :) - Merci d'utiliser mon AllBanks (I'm not sure if I have translated this correctly haha xP)