Alliance Tag 1.2

A simple plugin which allows players to create their own Alliance Tag to be shown as a suffix.

  1. RocketManKian
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin is a simple plugin which requires the dependency of LuckPerms to work and all it does is simply allow the players to change their suffix to anything they like (AllianceTag). This was supposed to be a plugin that I only used on my Server, but seeing as others may find it as useful as I did, I decided to release it into the public!
    • Simple intuitive way of allowing each player to create their own custom AllianceTag which will appear at the end of their name (suffix).
    • Features a Chat-Filtering System which will allow you to fully determine which words should be banned as Alliance Names.
    • /alliance create (name) - Creates an alliance with the following name.
    • /areload - Reloads the config.yml file
    • alliancetag.use - Gives permission to the alliance create command
    • alliancetag.reload - Gives permission to the alliance reload command
    Default Config:
    Code (Text):
    # Alliance Tag Plugin Version 1.1
    # Created by RocketManKian

    # Change the Prefix at the start of the 'Alliance successfully created' message
    message-prefix: "&7[&bAlliance&aTag&7]"

    # What Item should be used as Payment for creating an alliance
    # Please remember to use full Capitals when typing items, as seen below
    alliance-item: DIAMOND

    # Change the amount of items the player needs to create an alliance
    # By 'items' I am referring to the set 'alliance-item' above
    alliance-cost: 1

    # Banned Alliance Names
    # This list can be as long as you'd like!
      - 'owner'
      - 'staff'
      - 'admin'
      - 'mod'
    Data Collection:
    This plugin uses bStats to collect some statistics about usage of the plugin and sends them to This can be disabled by changing 'stats' in the directory 'bStats/config.yml' to false. The statistics sent include Version Demographics, Server/Player Statistics, Server Location, Operating System etc. The stats available to the public are Version Demographics, Server Location, Rank, Java Version and Global Statistics. These are viewable at Tag/11035.

Recent Updates

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