AlmostFlatLandsReloaded [1.7-1.13] 1.0.1 v1_13_R2

AlmostFlatLandsReloaded is a great world generator for creative servers!

  1. F_o_F_1092
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:

    You can find the AFR version for MC1.7-1.13.0 *HERE* (1.0)


    AlmostFlatLandsReloaded is a great world generator for creative buildings, if you don't want to use the normal "Flat World" generator.
    AlmostFlatLandsReloaded is based on the outdated Plugin AlmostFlatLands.


    /AFLR help (Page) (This command shows you the help page.)

    /AFLR info (This command shows you the info page.)
    /AFLR reload (This command is reloading the files.)

    Admin permissions:

    AlmostFlatLandsReloaded.Reload (/AFLR reload)
    AlmostFlatLandsReloaded.UpdateMessage (You get a message, if there is a new update for this plugin.)







    /mv create [WorldName] normal -g AlmostFlatLandsReloaded


    Code (Text):

       generator: AlmostFlatLandsReloaded



    Code (Text):

    Version: 1.0

    # If the plugin is unable to get the right Server version (e.g. Forge 1.7 modded server),
    # set "SetOwn" to true and "Version" to your server version.
    # Valid versions are  v1_7_R1, v1_7_R2, v1_7_R3, v1_7_R4, v1_8_R1, v1_8_R2,
    # v1_8_R3, v1_9_R1, v1_9_R2, v1_10_R1, v1_11_R1, v1_12_R1
      SetOwn: false
      Version: v1_12_R1

    # Set "ColoredConsoleText" to false, to disable the colored console text.
    ColoredConsoleText: true

    # Set "ShowUpdateMessage" to false, to disable the Update-Message.
    ShowUpdateMessage: true

      Hight: 32
      Biome: PLAINS
      GrassChance: 14
      FlowerChance: 1
      TreeChance: 15
      - TREE
      - BIRCH
      - BIG_TREE


    Code (Text):

    Version: 1.0
    '[AlmostFlatLandsReloaded]': '&2[&aAlmostFlatLandsReloaded&2] '
      '1': '&a'
      '2': '&2'
      '1': You have to be a player, to use this command.
      '2': You do not have the permission for this command.
      '3': There is a new update available for this plugin. &f( )&6
      '4': The plugin is reloading...
      '5': Reloading completed.
      '6': Try [COMMAND]
      '1': '&2[&aClick to use this command&2]'
      '2': '&2[&aNext page&2]'
      '3': '&2[&aLast page&2]'
      '4': '&2&oPage [PAGE]. &2Click on the arrows for the next page.'
      '1': This command shows you the help page.
      '2': This command shows you the info page.
      '3': This command is reloading the Config.yml and Messages.yml file.
      '4': This command lists your last @ messages.



    If you have a problem or a question about the Plugin, message me first before leaving a review!

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Recent Reviews

  1. En_0t_S
    Version: 1.0 v1_13_R2
    Good plugin. Please add abillity to replace default trees with custom and generate structures from schematics.
  2. ShadoweG
    Version: 1.0 v1_13_R1
    Nice plugin i like it but please add normal caves ,underground and multiple biomes
  3. DaDMaR777
    Version: 1.0
    Works well with the preset settings - thank you MC1.12.2
    Going to see what happens with more exotic settings....