AlphaBungeeLibary [1.12] [Maven] 1.4

A port of the AlphaLibary to BungeeCord

  1. AlphaHelix
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    What is AlphaBungeeLibary
    The AlphaBungeeLibary is a port of the AlphaLibary to BungeeCord. It's an essential libary for all of my modern plugins, but other developers are very welcomed to use this libary aswell :).

    Server Owners
    If you're a serverowner and you were redirected to this plugin, then you don't have to read anything that comes below. You will just need to download this plugin and put it inside your plugins as it would be any other plugin. Attention please, this plugin doesn't do anything on it's own!

    • Self registering commands and listeners
    • YAML, JSON and MySQL storage solutions
    • Clickable texts
    • Serialization
    • ZIP utilities
    • UUIDFetcher
    • CommandWatcher for easier use of arguments
    • Util class with many utilities

    Code (Text):

            <version>PUT IN THE VERSION</version>
    The whole documentation can be found here.

Recent Updates

  1. MessageUtil added
  2. CommandWatcher fix
  3. CommandWatcher