AlphaKeep 1.1

Specify which items are kept on death!

  1. AlphaMc111
    This is a very simple plugin that was built for a very specific case. It allows server admins to specify which items a player keeps on death, when killed by another player (Armour is kept regardless). If a player is killed due to another source, all items will be kept.

    Code (Text):
    keepAmount: 5
    keepAmount specifies which items will be kept (eg. when KeepAmount = 5, hotbar items 1-5 will be kept)

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  1. Gimmes
    Version: 1.1
    Good, you can may add so there is a permission of how much slots you keep? And maybe add that you only keep specif items or blacklist items that you shouldn't keep.
    1. AlphaMc111
      Author's Response
      Like I said, this plugin was developed for a very specific case, and so I held back on implementing further features. However, if the interest is there, I could definitely expand on this project (with the suggestions you've provided). Thanks for the review :)