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  1. AlphaHelix
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    • 1.12
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    1. What is AlphaLibary?
    2. What is AlphaLibary for?
    3. What does AlphaLibary require?
    4. What exactly does AlphaLibary offer?
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    What is AlphaLibary?

    In a world, where everything goes faster and faster, you need to gear up to hold up to the other developers. AlphaLibary is designed to do so. AlphaLibary offer many utils and classes and own APIs to do so.

    History of AlphaLibary

    AlphaLibary goes back to the year 2015, where it first was developed by AlphaHelix to reduce the time for often done algorithms. It grew fast and was released in 2016 on spigot. Until now it has over 6000 downloads!

    What is AlphaLibary for?

    AlphaLibary is a libary for developers, which want to improve their programming time. It is fully loaded with many great features (which are all listed down below).

    What does AlphaLibary require?
    • Java 8 (which is standard since Minecraft 1.12)
    • Spigot (Bukkit is untested)
    • Newest Minecraft version

    What exactly does AlphaLibary offer?


    • Arenas
    • Different states of an arena
    • Minigame logic with some importend events
    • Minigame types to check wether it should be played as a server or a map based game
    • Playerstatistics for easy stat management of players
    • Different states of an game in server mode
    • Easy team management
    • Easy voting management
    • Spectator option for dead / (too late) players
    • Easy achievement management
    • Airdrops to send down some items
    • Kits with certain items
    • Countdowns for Lobby etc.
    • PlayerUtil to manage alive, dead and total players
    • Addon system to load plugins for plugins
    • Annotations to easily create commands and items
    • CommandWatcher to easily manage String arguments from Commands
    • Commands with no need to register inside plugin.yml
    • EntityBuilder for fast entity creation
    • ArmorChangeEvent which is fired if a player changes his armor
    • ItemRenameEvent which is fired if a player renames some item inside an anvil
    • PlayerInputEvent which is fired if a player write something on a sign or inside an anvil
    • Easy file management with Json (gson) and YAML support
    • Per player holograms with certain text
    • Different methods to retrieve text from a player, such like an anvil or a sign
    • Inventories over multiple sides
    • Advanced Item building API for normal items, skulls and leather armor
    • Simplified event listener system
    • Advanced menu building API to create menu in a breeze
    • Different types of async SQL, currently supports MySQL and SQLite
    • Netty handling to retrieve packets
    • Actionbar, Title and Tablist
    • Bunch of NMS enums, easy to access
    • Huge reflection util to help with NMS and OBC code
    • Easy schematic management
    • Non flickering scoreboards
    • Easy server pinging (sockets & async)
    • Easy clickable texts and actions
    • Gameprofile builder to easily parse online profiles
    • Json util to easily create json strings
    • Location util to easily manage locations
    • PlayerList to manage players without data loss
    • PlayerMap to manage players without data loss
    • Easy made serialization util to encode in Base 64
    • Skin change util to change the skin of a game profile
    • SortMap to easily sort keys or values
    • An updater to always keep your plugin up to date
    • A huge Util class with various methods
    • An async working UUID fetcher to easily parse the real UUID from Mojang
    Fake API


    • Images inside the minecraft chat

    If you appreciate what I did, then please leave a rating or a star on GitHub :)

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Recent Updates

  1. Module Loading
  2. Utils reworked
  3. Fixed SQLite not loading

Recent Reviews

  1. DekoLP
    Version: 1.8.7
    Nice API for developing but can you please add 1.8 support?

    1. AlphaHelix
      Author's Response
      No 1.8 support.
      Too old. Please always use up to date software.
  2. penguin2366
    Version: 1.8.2
    This API Is perfect for developers out there! Very useful especially player input event!
  3. MrWeefle
    Version: 1.7.3
    This API is just perfect!
    There is all you need to make complete plugins and the developer is listening to you! :D
  4. cella
    Version: 1.1
    If I use protocol support will the api run on versions 1.7 through 1.11.2? 100 characters......................
    1. AlphaHelix
      Author's Response
      This API was only tested on Version 1.11. I won't give backward support.
  5. cella
    Version: 1.0
    Please create a library for minecraft 1.7 & 1.8 -----------------------___________________________________-------- 100 Characters
    1. AlphaHelix
      Author's Response
      Will come in the future. Although I think that 1.11 is way better than 1.7. (@md_5 made a post about all of this)