AltAccountAutoban v3 3.6.3

A plugin that banns Mc-Leaks accounts on join.

  1. Re-Release 3.6.3

    • Added
      • Support for random multi-remote connections
      • Adding in our Proxy 1 as possible Remote
  2. New Update mechanism

    • Changed
      • Updates are now pulled directly from our gitlab server (better performance, less work and more secure)
  3. Ability to set settings ingame, updates on by default, update every minute

    • Added
      • Added timed updates (Every minute / 60_000 milli seconds)
      • Added command '/aaab settings set [setting] [value]'
    • Changed
      • Enable updates by default
      • Code cleanup
    • Removed
      • Removed call to '/i/:uuid' if the UUID was not found in the cache
  4. Sending Tokens from within Minecraft (/aaab token <token>)

    • Added
      • Sending Plugin Version to remote for statistics
      • Adding in '/aaab token <token>' command
      • Implemented remote and refresh_limit usage
  5. Settings and Bugfixes

    • Added
      • Config Engine using our custom Konfig format
        • Adding in setting 'updates'
        • Adding in setting 'refresh_limit'
        • Adding in setting 'remote'
      • Using the SmartSync Technology of AAAB-Proxy for join-refreshes
      • Adding in /aaab command
        • Adding in '/aaab settings' command
      • Adding in aaab.* Permission
        • Adding in 'aaab.see_settings' Permission

    • Fixed
      • Wrong version compare
      • Wrong...
  6. Updater, Status Messages and Security


    • Changed
      • Updated the kLib Library Dependency to 2.0.0 to fix security issues